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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Suspensions All Around

I ditched school once. It was my senior year and all the kids in my class took off from school on what we called 'senior ditch day'. I was reported as being sick.

I never walked out for a protest. Even when they told us that we could not pray in school, I didn't leave campus. I stayed at my desk and prayed that the school would change their policy. I met with other students before school to have an organized prayer at the flagpole. We broke it up when our 'freedom of speech' was taken away and the administration dispersed us.

Now apparently it is okay for kids to leave their classes to protest. The Clark County school district admonished the students for leaving and said that it would count as an unexcused absence. Whoop-de-doo. They have 9 more before losing credit for the class. Maybe a suspension would get the point across better.

How about organizing your protest on the weekend? I guess that wouldn't make the statement you want, huh? Don't let education get in the way of showing the government who's boss. Trust me, I could care less if you fail. Someone's gotta flip the patties. Lucky for you the U.S. Attorney General cares.
His message to the marchers was: "Get an education. Freedom in this country is only available to those who can speak English well, those who can write English well."
Hey folks, these are kids we are talking about! The little bastards don't even pay taxes yet. When you start paying outrageous fees at the emergency room and see your taxes going up to cover the cost of housing illegals, then come talk to me. How about when you see the lines at the unemployment office getting longer because Farmer Joe can get his labor at half the cost down at the Home Depot?

Oh wait, since you won't have an education, you'll be working for minimum wage at some fast food joint and won't be paying crap for taxes to begin with. Maybe you'll get turned down for the job since the illegal immigrant you are trying to protect got the job since he or she will work for less.

March on! I've got job security and frankly I don't care who serves me at the drive thru.

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