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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Some Random Thoughts

Just to break the monotony of the current tone of this blog I present a few random thoughts.

1) Lamar advertising recently put up a new billboard on the I-15 north just as you come into Vegas. It's essentially a big-screen television that they put ads on. Kinda cool idea. The only problem is for the people who live in the neighborhood that the sign faces. They get a bright light into the back yard of their homes now that wasn't there before. The funniest thing is, Lamar put up a billboard on the I-15 south advertising their new billboard. Just in case you miss that giant blinking thing that glares across the lanes of traffic.

2) I hate that community outreach radio that they put on Sunday mornings. I want to hear music, but on every channel it's either a medical program or some useless pseudo news program where someone drones on about a completely uninteresting subject over a bad phone connection. Wake me when it's over.

3) Bally's hotel has a new stage show called "Price is Right Live". No Bob Barker, but everyone is a contestant and prizes include trips and of course... "A New Car!". Sounds like a fun time and what other Vegas show gives you a chance to win prizes?

Okay, back to bashing on me and my co-bloggers. Pardon the interruption.

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