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Friday, April 07, 2006

A Rebuttal (Or a Total Pwnage, if You Will)

Oooh, looks like I hit a few buttons here, now doesn't it? I immediately attack socialism and dependence on the federal government and all of a sudden the liberals go crazy.
Since Adorable Girlfriend decided that she was going to write me a novel, I think it's only fair for me to respond.

I never asked you to pay for health care.

So you agree with me that Medicare, Medicaid, and such should be abolished?

Though according to the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, approximately 60 percent of it is paid for by the government between State and Federal employees, the VA, tax deductions, Medicare and Medicaid, to name a great majority of the costs.

Medicare/Medicaid is fully funded by taxpayers-including me-and thus is government-sponsored theft. I'll gladly pay my share when it comes to the VA and government employees, but cut the rest of it. It's a nice little mask for socialism and will eventually destroy this nation in more ways than your precious BusHitler could ever dream of doing.

Cutting Blue Cross and Blue Shield et al. out of the picture makes a great deal of sense. The remaining question then is, do you think when you join the military you shouldn't have Federal subsidized health care benefits?

With that statement right there, you prove yourself to be a socialist. Way to go. Cut private companies, make everyone rely on the federal government.

Guess what? My father relies on VA (government) healthcare. Do you want to know what it will be like when we depend on the government for our healthcare needs? Try waiting for over EIGHT hours to see a doctor for fifteen minutes. Believe it or not, that actually happened. To whom? Easy. To my father and me at the Pershing Medical Center in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Imagine enduring pain so bad you want to kill yourself and having to wait for EIGHT HOURS while bureaucrats debate as to whether or not you're worth saving.

As for your line about military healthcare, you need to read my original post a little more clearly, since it's obvious you're more interested in attacking me rather than debating the issues at hand.

And for the record Steve, this is the first time I have personally said anything to you.

No, you were a coward and called me an "ass pirate" where you thought you were safe from my rebuttal. You weren't expecting me to call you out, and now that I have you're backtracking like a madwoman.

I don't waste all the freedoms I have on you. Your use of generalizations is grossly over done.

This makes no sense whatsoever, much like the rest of your argument. Not surprising.

It (I'll assume this was a typo) is tiresome. You lump all the so called "liberals" together. You state no facts, just your assumptions. And as my Bubie would say, ‘ass-u-me’ makes an ass out of you, but not me.

The facts are as stated: you support socialist healthcare, the abolition of the private medical industry, and complete socialism of the American economy. I don't have to lay out those facts, you've done so yourself.

As for your "assume" glib, don't you think you're equally guilty of such when you ASSUME that Saddam didn't have WMD and didn't plan to reinstate his WMD programs? Remember, we were massing troops in the Gulf for several months. Do you honestly think that Saddam had no idea as to what was coming? Remember the intel photos of the large trucks heading towards the Syrian border? What about the VX and mustard gas shells found? What about the missiles buried in the sands under Baghdad?

Since we are now speaking and since you are Mister History Major...

Actually, I was a history major until I had to drop out of college and take two jobs to aid my ailing father. =)

...maybe you should re-read the laws on education. In fact, minimum education it is granted to the people of the US. Children in most states are required to attend until around the age of 16. See for more details. (Though, there are a few misconceptions on the site that I won't debate now).

The public education system is a complete and total failure. Why is it that America constanstly underachieves when compared to other nations, such as Japan which utilizes a mostly-privatized school system? Why is it that privately-schooled children often score higher on tests than children forced to endure a public education?

Then again, you couldn't debate your way out of a paper bag.

Of course there is a reason for mandatory education, but since you are so smart, I'll let you tell us why.

Ah, so I support the abolition of education completely because I think public schools are a waste of time. :roll: Now who's generalizing?

And your Bush...

Sorry to inform you, but he's your president too.

...has made the promise to the people of access to education through his No Child Left Behind Program.

Actually, Senator Edward "The Lush" Kennedy was a major architect of the NCLB Program. Plus, President Bush wants to give families a choice when it comes to where their children-especially inner-city children-are sent to school via the voucher program, which you liberals oppose fiercely.

(I invite you to take the time to Google it and learn about his ideology.)

I invite you to take the time to Google "Chappaquiddick."

You know Steve, I would be happy listening to anything you had to say if what you said actually had validity...

You wouldn't know "validity" if it slapped you in the face and took your wallet.

...wasn't cutting, pasting...

Actually, other than the occaisional link I may throw up, all of my material is self-written and what's not is properly credited. I am actually one of few bloggers that do so. Plagiarism is a bad thing, my ignorant little friend.

...or name calling.

I never knew of your existence until I saw that you labeled my good friend a "cobag" and myself an "ass pirate." You brough this upon yourself, so deal with it. PWNED.

You frequently generalize without references or backing up your statements.

Do I? I think not. If I use a news story in my commentary explaining my personal views and beliefs, a link or an author is always provided. If it's original commentary, then there's no other reference to provide other than my own words. By the way, if you're such a reference whore you should probably jump your good buddy Chuckles on that one.

You call people names...

Here's a quote from you that's not three days old:
He could be a really good guy if he was more educated and hung about with better people then Tony from, Jermturd and Steve-the-ass-pirate.

Pwned again. You should quit while you're ahead.

...and you have next to nothing to say on a routine basis. This is not effective discourse.

Actually, I have plenty to say. I update both Shoot a Liberal and my own personal blog at least once daily unless extenuating circumstances arise. Calling me an ass pirate, as I have proven you to do, isn't exactly the definition of effective discourse.

Moving on.

And before you tell me not to come here, don't publish my name on your blog and slander me with your generalizations.

Just for that, this is going on the main page of both blogs. =)

State factual comments and you probably shouldn’t imply killing liberals is an acceptable practice.

Once again, we go back to the point that you wouldn't know "factual" if it slapped you in the face, stole your wallet, smashed your car windshield, and took a dump in the middle of your living room.

As for killing liberals, you obviously have absolutely no sense of humor unless you get the opportunity to string the words "ass" and "pirate" together.

Whether you agree with me or not on various issues, killing someone for his or her beliefs is not a human right afforded to you by the US Constitution.

Agreed. Then you support the United States' war on terrorism? Oh, you don't? Guess you're a hypocrite then.

These kinds of behaviors only invite me here to address your words.
*yawn* Guess I have to remind you of this:

He could be a really good guy if he was more educated and hung about with better people then Tony from, Jermturd and Steve-the-ass-pirate.

You brought it on yourself, psycho. Can't stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen.

And rightfully so.

Was I right when I answered your ad hominem reference to whatever sexual preference you may wish I had? You see, I was nice and minded my own business until Chuckles not only began to spam this blog but my personal blog as well.

If you don't want trolls or me coming by, say something with actual facts and leave folks like Chuckles, Pinko and myself out of it.

We get back to the fact that you brought me into this argument yourself. Your own actions led to this, but like all liberals you're shoving the blame on someone else.

We also get back to the fact that you, in all your conspiracy theories and socialist brainwashing, wouldn't know what a fact was if it were your male parental unit.

Otherwise, accept that you are inviting us to comment.

When you attack me, you invite me to comment. In public. Whenever I feel like it. When your friends spam the website that I pay for, you invite me to comment. When my email is mysteriously passed on to several Triple-X pornography sites without my knowledge and approval, you invite me to comment. When you slander and attack the president of this nation without fact or base, you invite me to comment. I could go on, but this has gone on long enough.

I certainly accepted that when I spoke the truth about your blog cobags at Chuckle's site.

No, you attacked us ad hominem because we're not going to stand by and let your little buddy attack our work. You don't care about our beliefs; we're conservatives, thus we're fair targets. You don't want to debate the issues, because you CAN'T. Thus, you have to turn to stuff like this:

He could be a really good guy if he was more educated and hung about with better people then Tony from, Jermturd and Steve-the-ass-pirate.

And frequently blog about my own issues, not those that have anything to do with you.
Once again, I believe you said:

He could be a really good guy if he was more educated and hung about with better people then Tony from, Jermturd and Steve-the-ass-pirate.

Now you should do the same.
Apologize to Sean, FM, and me and don't comment on this blog or either FM's or my blogs unless you have a substantial debate and I might consider it.

I'm still giggling like a little schoolgirl over the whole "holier than thou" attitude you took with this when you, in an obviously "not-so holier than thou" attitude said this (And trust me, I'll keep repeating this line for as long as it takes):

He could be a really good guy if he was more educated and hung about with better people then Tony from, Jermturd and Steve-the-ass-pirate.

If you want to debate the issues, fine. That's what I blog for. However, when you begin your personal attacks, I will do the same. Until I get an apology for this:

He could be a really good guy if he was more educated and hung about with better people then Tony from, Jermturd and Steve-the-ass-pirate.

I will continue to put you and your little friends in your respective places.

You have been warned. Have a nice day.

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