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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Okay, I give up.

Well, chuckles, I have to admit it. Your great writing, and common sense posts have convinced me. I give up my aggressively conservative positions on issues. I think I may start sending in extra tax money to the IRS, because I do not pay enough taxes. I will turn over my private poperty to the government and moved into a subsidised housing project. And you know what else? I think the illegal aliens should be allowed to stay in this country free of penalty. Full amnesty for all undocumented workers. I'm going to change my voter registration from Republican to The Communist Party. Bush is equal to Hitler. He's an imperialist Nazi, and so is SeanS and Steve The Pirate.

From now on, I refuse to impale hippies. They are just wishing for peace and love for all mankind, and they don't really smell that bad. Communists are our friends. I don't know how I never saw this before, but thank you for opening my eyes chuckles.

And in closing I'd like to say:

Bush rules blah blah
illegal aliens blah blah
terrorists win blah blah
commies suck blah blah

Okay, chuckles, April Fools! You really do blow mule dong, beyotch!

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