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Friday, April 07, 2006

The Liberals Just Don't Get It

I wrote about this in my other blog, but I found it fitting to post a little blurb about it here at Shoot a Liberal.

As those of you who read this know, we are currently fighting an infestation of liberal trolls who are devoid of any sense of intelligent debate whatsoever. Chuckles, c.w.b, Adorable Girlfriend, pinko punko: yeah, you know the bunch. They continue to make asses of themselves; frankly, I think it's funny.

However, if you ask them-like most liberals-they'll give you the line about how they have no civil rights with George W. Bush in office. They can't speak freely, they can't peacefully assemble, and the government is constantly spying and monitoring on them. Mainly, many are under the impression that they cannot speak out against the president.

Until someone tries, is booed by the public, and said public is rebuked by BusHitler and he allows the man to speak.

Liberals, you have more freedom in your pinky finger than many people will ever have or experience in their lifetimes. Yet, you're not willing to share this freedom with those that are oppressed. There is a little fact that you lefties don't get. After World War II, the United States made one thing clear: IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD ARE FREE TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT AND THEIR OWN DESTINY. It is our responsibility to ensure that one madman or a group of madmen don't take over a country or a region and enslave the people to do their own little puppet-dance. If you cannot understand that, then you just need help.

It is not our government's responsibility to pay for our healthcare, our education, or our paycheck (unless you are a government employee, and even then only if you're in a necessary position). It is the government's responsibility to defend freedom, both here and abroad.

I don't expect any of you to read this and even consider what I've said, because you're so filled with hate of our president that you have time for little else. However, just remember this: the next time you call George W. Bush a liar or Hitler, just remember that the secret police AREN'T on their way to your home to kill you and those closest to you.

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