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Monday, April 10, 2006

Fan Mail

Cut and paste... Cut and paste... Must find something to cut and paste...

Oh, here we go! I got an email from my good friend Dr. Phat Tony!
Hey Sean, I'm sorry about your troll problem. I'm not going to fill up you comment box with a post but I can email you this in response to the wackos.

I'll try to go point by point AG. The Federal Government , just like most privately owned business, pay a portion of insurance cost for their employees (they are usually given a choice of plans from different insurance companies and the price for the employee varies for the plans depending on the coverage they want). They don't give out free health care. What's more is that they use private insurance companies to administrate it because it is more cost effective than creating a department to deal with insurance claims and administration. Active military only use military healthcare establishments (unless deployed where there are none) and their dependants (also retirees) are on what is called Tri-Care, where they have co-pays, premiums, and monthly bills just like most of us. Soldiers themselves have free healthcare; this is true. I think you should think about the soldier being the product and not an employee of the government though. If a soldier isn't taken care of, their cost compared to productivity goes up and paying a sick soldier to be sick isn't helping anyone (although Army doctors are about useless unless you've been shot, but that's a whole other rant). Being an employee to government does have benefits but free health care is not one of them. So let's subtract the amount of federal employees out of the %60, I have better healthcare than they do and pay less for it.

Medicare is for older people and people with permanent disabilities. Medicare is an indemnity program where the recipient has a %20 co-pay for most procedures while the government picks up the other %80. It sounds like a good deal but in actuality %20 is a lot to pay when an appendectomy runs about $16,000. Along with their co-pays they pay a fee every month out of their social security to pay for Medicare. Every pay check, you also pay for their Medicare. It's interesting thing when right now in a few places you can get additional insurance to supplement your Medicare for next to, if not, nothing. You see, most insurance companies can take the little amount of money allotted for each person and administrate it to offer better coverage for Medicare recipients than Medicare can themselves. True there are more rules when you sign up for these supplement plans, but they reduce the %20 co-pay for things like operations down to a flat $100 co-pay. One particular company also had enough left over to offer a prescription plan before Medicare had the Part D. So how can a privately owned business offer better benefits to recipients for less money than the Government offers? Privately owned business are about the bottom line. They have to keep their customers and their stock holders happy. The Government does not care one way or the other. Bureaucracies have a tendency to only grow larger while only offering less. I personally would not trust the government to control my finances. Why would I trust them to control my health care?

Socialized health care leaves a lot to be desired. You don't believe me? Then why are there private doctors and hospitals in countries with socialized medicine? Competition breeds quality. Ask anyone that lives in a country with socialized medicine if they would rather go to the state provided doctor or a private doctor and they will tell you the same thing. They will take the private practice over a public one any day. Just like the difference between private schools and public schools, given a choice (and having the ability) people will always choose the better one. The best way to give everyone better care is to release the money from government bureaucracies and provide people with a choice about who will give them the best product.

I figure you will ask for proof and cite documents that provide evidence. I have no time for that nonsense, I've wasted enough time with this, but most of it is from personal experience. I've been a soldier, lived in a post communist country (Poland), lived in a country that is social programs running amuck (Germany), and worked for an insurance company that handles Medicare benefits. The truth is America provides opportunity for an individual to become what they want than any other country. Work ethic and the will to succeed is all it takes to make it in America. Other countries that offer all these social programs only punish people for succeeding by taking their money and giving it to people that haven't the desire, the will, or the work ethic to make their own success. When I left the service I contemplated living in Germany a while longer. I had a job lined up that paid %40 less than I'm making now, but due to Germany's tax structure I would pay twice the percentage of my income to taxes than I do now.

As far as your tiffs on this website with the administrators and writers. These are opinions and humor pieces. You said it correctly; you harass them. I haven't seen any intelligent arguments on your side either. A lot of things said here are meant to be tongue in cheek. Get over it and/or stop visiting. I've seen way more senseless comments on this sight since you and your team have been visiting. It really does deter me from commenting because I just don't like your prepubescent antics.
So there you have it. Cutting and pasting at it's best.

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