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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Even They Know Why

Illegal immigration is not a new thing. Congress is debating whether or not to make it a felony to be in the U.S. without proper documentation. The R.J. has an article on the current deportation system. All of the deportees were brought over from local detention facilities. They say that illegals can stay in this country indefinately, under the current system, assuming that they can stay out of trouble with the law.

The problem comes in the form of higher rates at hospitals and the taxes that they don't pay. And they know it. Just ask Mexican national Gabriel Ruiz:
"A lot about it makes sense," he said. "The not paying taxes, the medical expenses. I understand why people wouldn't want us here, even though I was raised here."
They get it, so why don't those on the left? Would you want someone going into your house and stealing all of your valuables? Then why allow someone to steal from you in the form of misusing our public services?

I'd rather pay the salary of the guy who is there to send them home and enforce our nation's border. That's money well spent.


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