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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why Can't I Quit You?

Really, I'm leaving to take care of my business soon. Again, many thanks to Steve the Pirate for covering for me.

It's just that I saw something really funny in the Review-Journal on Saturday. Sierra Pacific Resources will be having its annual shareholder meeting this May. They chose to have it at Nevada Power's (a subsidiary) newest plant, Charles Lenzie, located near Moapa Valley. Normally I would think this was a great idea. Show off your shining star and get the board's confidence up when the market is at its roughest point.

Here's the problem. Chuck ain't the star it once was:



In case you are wondering, that big hole is not supposed to be there. The thing in the photo is a HRSG (heat recovery steam generator). I know, I wrote the Wikipedia article. It makes steam using the heat from the exhaust of a combustion turbine. The steam can then be used to run a steam turbine and/or used in other processes (ie. running chillers or canning tomatoes).

Chuck popped a hole in Unit 3 last month. Now the question is, how will they hide it before the board gets there? I don't think duct tape is going to do the trick...

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