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Friday, March 31, 2006

Oh Yeah

I'm in a childish mood this afternoon. Why?

I really hate trolls.

Troll Shoot a Liberal, pay the consequences!

Arrest McKinney!

I was sitting at home this afternoon, perusing the internet and trying to find some inspiration to write something not only for my blog but my new blogging home here at Shoot a Liberal.

I'm now at work and I'm still trying to accomplish this task. Woot.

Actually, I lie. This has changed.

For the past two days the media has been abuzz with the incident of Cynthia McKinney assaulting an officer of the law when she was restrained by said officer. She was not wearing the proper credentials to allow her to pass through a security checkpoint without going through a metal detector.

As most of you know, Ms. McKinney has immediately turned this into a racist issue, as we all expected she was.

According to, her lawyer has been quoted as saying:

"Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, like thousands of average Americans
across this country, is, too, a victim of the excessive use of force by law
enforcement officials because of how she looks and the color of her skin."


This Congresswoman attempted to pass through a security check without the proper credentials to allow her to do so, she was restrained by a Capitol police officer-an officer of the law only trying to do his job-and she assaulted the police officer. She punched the officer, then when she was called out on it she immediately turned it into a racial issue to deflect the fact that SHE VIOLATED THE LAW and focus attention on the innocent police officer who was, as I said before, only trying to do his job.

Nancy Pelosi has already been quoted as saying that "this isn't a big deal." What do you mean, "this isn't a big deal?" An elected representative, supposed to uphold the laws and statutes of the nation of the United States of America has violated mentioned statutes by assaulting a man charged with her very security!

You liberals want to spew hatred about how President Bush is "spying" on the American people and is committing "war crimes" when you have no evidence to back it up. You've come out and said that an elected representative is not above the law, so why aren't you denouncing Ms. McKinney and calling for her immediate arrest? You are hypocrites of the worst kind.

Fortunately Drudge is reporting that an arrest warrant is expected soon; unfortunately she wasn't immediately detained for the crime she committed.

And the moron will not apologize for her assault. Why? Because she sees nothing wrong with assaulting law officers, especially when they're white!

This woman should be censured and removed from office for such a crime. Let's hope the Republicans have more balls when it comes to this when compared to their immigration "reform" and spending habits.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

As Seen On Fmragtops Spews

No, this doesn't represent a change in ideology. It is only a cooperation between different methods to achieve the same goal. Shoot A Liberal is still all about shooting liberals. I am merely here to represent the point of view of those who prefer to impale liberals.

Why impale a liberal, you may ask. Well, when you shoot a liberal, you hear them snivel and beg for mercy until you pull the trigger. BANG, then it's over. You have a nasty bloody mess to clean up. Sure, there's not much work involved, and this method is very effective at stopping the spread of liberalism.

However, when you impale a liberal, they not only snivel and beg for mercy until they are impaled, but continue to beg and cry while suspended in the air from the eight foot pike inserted through their body. This sniveling could continue for days depending on the chosen point of entry. And impalings are scalable. Once you have impaled a dozen or so liberals, you have your very own Forest Of Woe ©. It serves as a wonderful public spectacle, and an effective deterrent to the future spread of liberalism.

For you urban imaplers of liberals, I am working on the Chiatops Pet Of Woe ©. It can be placed in an apartment where space is limited. You could set it outside on a balcony, or on a window sill. I haven't worked out all the kinks yet, but when I do, it'll be on sale at

The New Shoot a Liberal

That's right folks. New, improved, and teamed up.

Welcome the newest member of Shoot a Liberal: Fmragtops. Go check out his blog and see why I'm so excited to have him as part of the team!

This is the dawn of a new era in conservatism. This is a warning to all those who dare to flaunt their liberalism, your stupidity will not go unpunished.

Not That Chuckles Cares...

But the Carnival of Comedy is up at Dr. Phat Tony's. Neither Chuckles nor I put in an entry but there is plenty of funny to be had.

Penn Goes Scouting

Norm Clarke chronicles a twist of irony that is almost too funny to be true:
Sean Penn was on a scouting expedition this week when he roamed the area around Boulder City with film executives.

They checked out the Hacienda hotel-casino on Monday and outdoor options around Lake Mead, sources said.

"They're making a movie that would start in late June or early July," a spy said. "We were told they mentioned river rafting."
What Norm fails to mention in the article is whether or not Sean brought his infamous red plastic cup.

Hey guys!  I think we've got blockbuster material here!

Penn will be directing a film adaptation of Jon Krakauer's, "Into the Wild."
The book chronicles the fatal altruistic journey of Christopher McCandless, who rejected his upper middle class existence for a nomadic test of character -- some said death wish -- that ended in the wilds of Alaska.
Perhaps Penn will get so into the character that he too will throw away his possessions and take a far away journey, never to be heard from again.

Or is that just wishful thinking?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Lesson in Efficiency

Ordered something recently. They are shipping it by FedEx right now. Here is an example of stupidity at it's finest:

Take note of the pickup location. Lenexa, KS. From there it is sent to Shawnee, KS. Then the package makes it's way... back to Lenexa?! And then back to Shawnee again because the barcode was screwed up. I'm guessing the item is headed back to Lenexa again just to balance things out. If it actually makes it to me on time it might rip a hole in the space-time continuum.

Too bad they don't offer frequent flyer miles for packages. I'd have a trip to Hawaii by now. Personally, I think it's a conspiracy by Halliburton to ensure that I don't order crap off the internet anymore.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Wouldn't you know...

I always figured that this was the case, but now I have the proof:

HT: 45-caliber Justice

Make your own church sign.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

CoC #47

Steve the Pirate, guest blogger and friend, is hosting the Carnival of Comedy this week. Go be with the funny. And see what insanity put me in the gut-buster category...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Out of Iraq

I'm starting to think that maybe the anti-war protesters have it right. I mean look at what our soldiers are doing over there:
The Abbasiya Girls School, currently educating more than 800 girls aging from 12 through 18 is the only one of its kind in the Najaf region.

In February, Soldiers from 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, distributed filing cabinets, reams of paper, snacks, soap, deodorant, brushes and other items to students at the school in an effort to show support for these future leaders of Iraq.
See! They are spending all of their time trying to help the people of Iraq instead of killing them! What's the meaning of this? Aren't we supposed to be over there killing civilians? Here we are, giving these kids a better chance at an education instead of blowing them up!
The girls at school told Soldiers that they were thankful for the donated materials.
What?! You mean they didn't run in fear from our soldiers? Don't they know that our troops are programmed to kill blindly and without reason?

Run girls! They have guns! Don't you see?! Aren't you afraid?

I think it's time we rethink the strategy in Iraq. If our men and women in uniform are not killing civilians, then they need to be pulled out immediately. I'd hate to think that mother Sheehan and all of her liberal friends are lying to the American public...

*cough, gag*

Wow, there is a limit to sarcasm. I think I just exceeded it.

Who's Drugs are These?

If it wasn't for the fact that this settlement cost taxpayers, I'd find this whole thing comedic.
Mark Lilly was charged with possession of cocaine in July 2004 after he was arrested for offering to sell drugs to an undercover officer. Police who searched Lilly's vehicle did find fake drugs in the car. But canine officer David Newton then placed real drugs in Lilly's Mercedes as a training exercise for his dog. Newton forgot to retrieve the cocaine packet, and Lilly was charged with drug possession when other officers searched his vehicle and found the real drugs.
What does Lilly get for his troubles? $24,999. A relatively small sum of money, but when it is for a "violation" of his civil rights, it seems ridiculous.

Lilly was selling drugs to an undercover cop. Sure the drugs were fakes, but since Lilly stated that they were drugs, it should count the same as actual posession. We are too lax on these slimeballs.

Of course, when a criminal's "civil rights" are violated, the ACLU is there to step in and back the scumbag.
Of particular concern to the ACLU was the fact that when police officers David Parker and Kevin Collmar testified in court at Lilly's preliminary hearing, they didn't mention that the possession charge should have been dropped.
Were the officers notified of the charges at the hearing? Maybe they were hoping, like I was, that no one would notice. Or maybe it was because they had already sent a notice to the prosecutor that the charge was in error.
What is significant in the Lilly case, said Peck and Potter, is that it led to police ending a long-standing practice of placing narcotics inside the vehicles of law-abiding motorists as a training exercise for drug-sniffing dogs. Sheriff Bill Young suspended the practice in April 2005.
Probably a good idea. I'd hate to think that something like this could happen again. I think the most important thing to remember is that it was a mistake. The cops are being punished and a slimeball got to go free with an extra $25 g's in his pocket. Thanks, ACLU. Once again you demonstrate why you should lose your 501(c)(3) status.

The ACLU: Keeping criminals on the street at taxpayer expense since 1920.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fun With the AP: Joining the March

3 years in Iraq and the moonbats can't change their tune. Of course, the AP is there to cover it in excruciating detail.
About 200 war veterans, hurricane survivors and demonstrators gathered Sunday at the Chalmette National Cemetery to protest how the military conflict overseas had hurt the country's ability to help the Gulf Coast recover from last year's hurricanes.
How many were veterans? It must have been the majority since they listed them first. Anything less and they would be misleading the public.
Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, a strident Bush critic, said world opinion is turning against the war as he offered some of his harshest criticisms of the U.S. president in months.

"The world is opposed to your war, Mr. Danger," Chavez said Sunday on his weekly television and radio program. He also called Bush a "coward," a "donkey" and a "drunkard."
Now there is someone who we should listen to. Just because he has ties with Al Qaeda doesn't mean that Hugo doesn't care about the American people.
Joining the marchers in Chalmette was former Florida National Guard Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia, a conscientious objector from Miami Beach, Fla., who was court-martialed and jailed for desertion.

"I joined the military because it seemed to offer stability and camaraderie," he said. "No soldier signs up for a war for oil.
Oh wow, this is much better. Mejia's cowardice should be as an example for all the world on how the left would like us to act. We don't face down adversity, we run from it.

Pardon the constant sarcasm, but I just can't believe that these idiots take themselves seriously. Hey Mejia, I'm still waiting for that oil that we supposedly went to war for. I'm tired of paying $2.50 a gallon.

If anyone out there tries to tell me that the AP is unbiased, I'll make sure that the men in white suits get them into a nice padded room.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Just Chop It

If you are an insomniac and you live in Las Vegas, you know who Chop is. This self-proclaimed "King of Cars" has a show he films at Towbin Dodge, in the Valley Automall in Henderson but he's about to go national.

On April 4th, at 10PM on A&E they will be premiering a new show called "King of Cars" (go figure). Apparently it is going to be a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of Towbin as well as the production of The Chopper Show.

My guess is it'll flop within a year. Then we'll hear the execs at A&E yell "Chop it!".

Friday, March 17, 2006

Why Iraq?

AQI has also established a robust network to bring suicide bombers into Iraq. Extremists throughout the Middle East and the suicide bombers themselves help finance these murderous operations. These suicide bombers primarily target Shia civilians. Through sophisticated information operations, the terrorists and foreign fighters in Iraq use their mass murder events, kidnappings, and beheadings to establish in the media the image of an Iraq in chaos with little hope of progress or peace. There is little popular support for these terrorists and foreign fighters, but their ability to intimidate entire communities enables them to operate from constantly shifting safe havens.
Let's think about this. Those on the left would like us to think that the war in Iraq has nothing to do with terrorists. This statement makes it pretty clear that the enemy we are fighting in Iraq are just that. Al Qaida in Iraq, under Abu Musab al Zarqawi, has aligned itself with Osama bin Laden.

Why would terrorists care what happened in Iraq, i.e. unseating Saddam Hussein, if they didn't have an interest in that country? If they just want the country now that he's gone, why not take it while Saddam was still in power?

A. Because they had his support.

Of course the moonbats are going to continue to deny any link. To do otherwise would lend credibility to our president and that would be counter-productive to their agenda. So let's just keep on believing that the suicide bombers are only there to protest an illegal invasion of their country by blowing up their own people.

Just keep living in fantasy land. Don't let the fact that it makes no sense get in your way.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Principal “Porn Passer” Ed Rohrbaugh

From Blogging Man 2007 weblog:

Anyone who has an ounce of care for our taxpayer funded education system should take note to this post.

The City of Blairsville in Union County boasts this on their chamber website:

“Welcome to Union County located on the northeast border of Georgia which includes the Blue Ridge Mountains crossing through and more than half the county’s acreage within the Chattahoochee National Forest, where the possibilities are endless and the memories last a lifetime! Seasons change from winter white to pastel spring to verdant summer to brilliant fall foliage. Bring your camera to catch your own memories to last a lifetime.”

If you happen to catch a picture of some cleavage, be sure and send them to the “Porn Passer”, Principle Ed Rohrbaugh.

From the sounds of things, the local teachers union, the school board, and some of the folks in town feel that Mr. Rohrbaughs decision to use a TAXPAYER funded PUBLIC SCHOOL computer to pass e-mails containing explicit pornography wasn’t that bad. At least, their vote to keep him on the TAXPAYER funded payroll reflects the support I just accused them of showing.

Read the rest here.

The Political Drinking Game

From February 20th, cross-posted from Steve the Pirate

I’ve heard a good group of my friends complain that news and politics are boring. Now, keep in mind most of them are brainless college liberals and don’t know any better, but the fact is they don’t like to pay attention and stay informed with what’s happening in their country and world. In fact, if you look at test scores, you’ll see that high school and college students just aren’t interested in history and current events any more.
However, there is a trend in our high school and college students that we can manipulate to get more young people interested in the events that affect their daily lives.
Yes, that’s right. Alcohol. So, with that said, I present to you:


1-bottle of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.
1-television set with cable or antenna input 1-comfortable couch and coffee table 1-remote control Group of friends with one shot glass for each friend
Sit down with a group of friends and turn on the news channel of your choice, making sure you have a bottle or can of your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice on hand. The game can take an hour or ten hours, it’s all up to you. Play as little or as long as you want!
Here’s the rules. Pour one shot of selected beverage in each shot glass as you use the remote to turn on the television to the news channel of your choice.
The goal of the game is to watch for certain events and drink your shot before your comrades, scoring points, winning the game, and depending on the beverage forgetting just what happened when you wake up in a Japanese family’s pool the next morning. When one of the events mentioned below happens, you must drink your shot first. The one to finish the prescribed shots first will get the according number of points. The one with the most points at the end of the game wins.
Then again, with a game like this, we’re all winners in the end.
Wondering just what to watch for? I’m glad you asked!

a Democrat says the president is misleading the public in Iraq.
a Democrat says the president is spying on the American public.
a Democrat demands the return of the troops.
a Republican spends like a drunken sailor on shore leave.
Fox Newsophiles only: you hear “fair and balanced.”
You hear the name of Rush Limbaugh.
You hear someone call for the resignation of Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rummy, or any mix of the four. Drink an extra if that someone’s Lincoln Chaffee.
You hear the word “blogger.”
Just for kicks: pop a shot at the top of each hour (the :00 mark).

Dick Cheney shoots someone in the face.
Drink an extra two if he does it on purpose.
Go for six if that person’s a reporter.
Ted Kennedy makes a woman cry.
Ted Kennedy makes Hillary Clinton cry.
Hillary Clinton tries to move to the right.
Bill Clinton moves Hillary to the right to chase a woman to the left.
Bill Clinton finally explains just what the definition of “is” is.
A reporter comes out in support of the war in Iraq.
A Democrat comes out in support of anything.

Ted Kennedy kills a woman.
the Left blames the Jews for anything and everything.
a “peaceful” protest group attacks a group of police officers.
Drink three more if the Protest Warriors are on the scene.
Pat Robertson converts to Islam and changes his name to Mohammad.
You hear the phrase “religion of peace.”
Three more if that phrase accompanies the news of a new suicide bombing.
The Iranian President makes a menorah a centerpiece of his Ramadan dinner table.
You hear a Democrat mention the phrase “world peace.”
You hear a Democrat blame Bush for anything.

And, of course, once the game is over make sure to knock back two for our men and women in the Armed Forces fighting to protect our freedom. It’s a cardinal rule, after all.

Once the game is over, if any of you is sober enough to stand, try and tally the points. Since most of you are total boozehounds, this game will be more like “Whose Line is it, Anyway?” where the points just don’t matter. If you do imbibe alcohol during this fun and educational outing, make sure to have a designated driver or make sure there’s a nice comfy lawn for you to sleep on somewhere.

Game over.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why Can't I Quit You?

Really, I'm leaving to take care of my business soon. Again, many thanks to Steve the Pirate for covering for me.

It's just that I saw something really funny in the Review-Journal on Saturday. Sierra Pacific Resources will be having its annual shareholder meeting this May. They chose to have it at Nevada Power's (a subsidiary) newest plant, Charles Lenzie, located near Moapa Valley. Normally I would think this was a great idea. Show off your shining star and get the board's confidence up when the market is at its roughest point.

Here's the problem. Chuck ain't the star it once was:



In case you are wondering, that big hole is not supposed to be there. The thing in the photo is a HRSG (heat recovery steam generator). I know, I wrote the Wikipedia article. It makes steam using the heat from the exhaust of a combustion turbine. The steam can then be used to run a steam turbine and/or used in other processes (ie. running chillers or canning tomatoes).

Chuck popped a hole in Unit 3 last month. Now the question is, how will they hide it before the board gets there? I don't think duct tape is going to do the trick...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Okay, Just One More Rant

Whatever happened to personal accountability? I don't get why so many people think it is such an awful thing to make a mistake. Nobody wants to screw up but it is going to happen. That is how we learn what not to do. I just wish people would have the integrity to admit that they made a mistake when they make it.

Take Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham, for instance. He stood up and admitted his wrongdoing. He let greed take hold of him and accepted bribes, but at least he was man enough to admit his mistake.
"No man has ever been more sorry," he said. "I made a very wrong turn. I rationalized decisions I knew were wrong. I did that, sir."
This is an example of how every person should act. Cunningham stood in front of the judge and stated that he would accept his punishment without complaint. That took guts that I think a lot of those in this world would never have.

We have become a society hell-bent on blaming anyone else but ourselves. We explain away our mistakes by stating that they were the fault of someone else or something in our environment. We have become a nation of excuses. The only lesson learned is that we can get away with it if we find a good enough scapegoat.

Why else do you think defense attorneys make so much money? They know that all it takes is one little error in a police report to let a criminal go free.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Meditation on a New Job

For those of you who don't read or aren't familiar with my blog, I work in the media biz. More accurately, I'm a reporter for the top News/Talk radio station in southwestern Ohio. Yeah, I know. So modest, aren't I?

Well, there are several things I love about my job. First off: donuts. Yes, I said donuts. You see, the radio station is right across the street from a donut shop, and I absolutely love the smell of donuts at 5AM. Even if I don't have the money to go and purchase said donuts (I said I worked in radio, I never said I was rich) it's still a smell that will wake you up better than coffee.

However, mostly I love the fact that I get to sit around and listen to talk shows all day and get paid to do so! For example, I was listening to Sean Hannity yesterday when he was interviewing that kid from Colorado that taped his geography teacher in a vitriolic anti-Bush rant.

WTF, mate?!

Under what means should a geography...a GEOGRAPHY...teacher make statements on foreign policy? Isn't geography that wonderful class where you learn just where the mountains are and what way the rivers flow? I might be able to understand if this joker was teaching a current events class AND presented an opposite opinion, but rehearsing for the Broadway production of "Fahrenheit 9/11" in the middle of a geography lesson isn't the wisest idea, after all.

The sad fact is this is becoming more and more common in public schools today. Heck, my tenth grade world history teacher was a self-proclaimed Marxist. I'm serious, here. I grew up in the reddest part of a red state (Missouri) and here was a Socialist teaching a class in the Bible Belt. We spent almost three weeks on the Bolshevik revolution and the benefits it had on society! Scary, isn't it?

This is why liberals are afraid of private schools. It's not because some private schools are religious in nature, it's because they'll lose their personal boot camps across the country if better, more efficient schools start attracting students away from the cesspool that is the public education system. Without public schools, the next generation of liberals won't ever come to age.

Back to this joker in Colorado. I believe he should be fired; a classroom is no place for an educator's personal political beliefs. And if he felt it was, he should've allowed another educator to present the points of view of the other side of the aisle.

Education is not intended to be indoctrination. The world will be a better place when teachers and educators learn this.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Filling In

*feedback noise*

What, am I on?

Oh, okay. Well, as you can tell Sean's having to take a little break for a few days due to some personal issues, so he's asked me-Steve the Pirate-to fill in for him while he takes care of some business.

And fill in I shall.


Procrastination! Hurray!

Be Back Soon

Steve of Steve the Pirate fame will be covering for me for a while. I've got some legal matters to handle.

One quick rant before I go. Kids these days have pretty much open access to drugs now. Thanks to those idiots on the left, a simple word substitution changes drug paraphernalia into something legal. Take for instance bongs. Change the name to 'water pipe' and suddenly it's a device for smoking something totally legal.

The same thing goes with a simple propellant. Most people know that if you inhale the gas from a can of whipped cream, that you get a little buzz. This is because the propellant they use is nitrous oxide, a.k.a. laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is used because it doesn't add flavor to the cream.

What many people are unaware of, is that you can buy canisters of this propellant over the counter. You see, kitchens that use a lot of whipped cream find it cheaper to buy whipping cream in cartons and then use cans fitted with this propellant to make lots of whipped cream for pies and cakes and such.

Here's where the problem comes in: Smoke shops in the Las Vegas valley can sell these same canisters (if you say it is for baking) over the counter. That is not a big issue with me. The problem is that they are selling devices to open the canisters so that the gas can be captured in balloons and subsequently inhaled. This should count as drug paraphernalia if ever there was.

Why is this legal? Why is it that a 16-year-old kid can get their hands on one of these? Why isn't Diversity Tattoo and Smoke Shop being investigated daily for contributing to the delinquency of a minor? Answer: Liberals.

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