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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Something Odd

Okay, so it was a week ago that Mother Sheehan got the cuffs slapped on her as she was hauled out of the House of Representatives. Old news. What hit me recently was this; why was she in the gallery in the first place?

She got the pass from Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-California). Okay.

She got through Capitol security. Understandable since she wasn't armed.

What confuses me is why the security guard who checks for passes didn't bother to stop her there. Unless they changed the admittance policy since I was there last, you had to hand over your guest pass to a guard before being admitted to the gallery. Someone would then escort you in and seat you. Why did they allow Sheehan, with her protest shirt, into the gallery? Let alone during the State of the Union Address?

Something just doesn't add up here. What is the rest of the story? How did she get all the way to a seat before someone said something to her?

Any ideas?

HT: NIF for the story.

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