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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Oh, Give Me a Break!

My kids try to pull this crap. Someone refusing to take responsibility for their own actions does not change the fact that it is their fault.
Syria blamed Denmark for the protests, criticizing the Scandinavian nation for refusing to apologize for the caricatures of Islam's holiest figure.

"(Denmark's) government was able to avoid reaching this point ... simply through an apology" as requested by Arab and Muslim diplomats, state-run daily Al-Thawra said in an editorial Sunday.

"It is unjustifiable under any kind of personal freedoms to allow a person or a group to insult the beliefs of millions of Muslims," the paper said.
No one, other than Syria, is stupid enough to believe Denmark forced these radical Islamists to take up arms and riot. This is the fault of a culture that openly advocates violence. Asking for an apology is one thing, but saying that they are to blame for the actions of a bunch of hooligans is ridiculous. These are unacceptable actions performed by fanatics.

Making statements like the one in this article makes it sound as though the riots are being condoned by Syria. At least Lebanon has the good sense not to do the same.
Lebanon's Grand Mufti Mohammed Rashid Kabbani denounced the violence and appealed for calm, accusing infiltrators of sowing the dissent to "harm the stability of Lebanon."

Prime Minister Fuad Saniora also urged peaceful protests.

"Those who are committing these acts have nothing to do with Islam or with Lebanon," he said. "This is absolutely not the way we express our opinions."
Whether or not the printing of the cartoons was appropriate is up to the head of the newspaper and the leaders for Islam to decide, not a bunch of rioters.

Unfortunately, the one person I hoped would always get away with making fun of Mohammed has taken his Ask the Prophet down because of this. Laurence Simon, blogger and purveyor of crap, has been receiving threats because of his cartooning. I never mentioned this before, but it is because of Lair that I started blogging in the first place. His informative and often funny posts inspired me to begin putting my thoughts down. I hope that this incident doesn't break his spirit, because the blogosphere would lose one of the greats.

To the rioters: Learn to laugh at yourself because, only then can you realize how ridiculous all this is.

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