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Thursday, February 23, 2006

No Topic

Posting is going to be kinda light for a while. Recent events have led to a necessity for me to put all of my energies toward my family. In time I may be able to get details out, but right now I simply ask that you pray for my family to have the strength to get through the tough times ahead.

Don't worry, no one died. Thank the Lord.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Mujahedeen... With Love

(A Precision Guided Humor Assignment)

Hallmark must be getting short on ideas. While I was shopping for birthday cards for my wife, I stumbled upon this in the 'Just Because' area.




They come with your choice of mail bomb or anthrax tainted envelope.

Nothing says "Die Infidel!" like a card from Hallmark.

Presley Makes St. Louis Pray For Rain

From Ole Miss Sports:
OXFORD, Miss. - Junior outfielder Alex Presley has been named the National Player of the Week by after going 7-for-10 with nine RBI against Saint Louis over the weekend to help push the Rebels to a 2-0 start to the 2006 season.

Presley, who was a Freshman All-America two years ago, picked up where he left off in 2005 as he pounded the Saint Louis pitching staff in Friday's doubleheader. The third game with the Billikens was canceled due to inclement weather.

Presley was 2-for-5 in the first game with the Billikens, hitting the first home run of the season for the Rebels with a two-run shot that went 347-feet over the right field fence. Presley then went 5-for-5 in the second game including a pair of triples and six RBI. Presley nailed a three RBI, bases loaded triple in the third inning to rally and give the Rebels the first lead of the game as Ole Miss had been down 2-0.

The Rebels will take to the field again on Tuesday, when Ole Miss will host Samford in the first game of a two-game series beginning at 3 p.m.
Go Rebels! Samford is doing their rain dances right now.

Who Are You?

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has a new advertising campaign: "Be Anyone". The commercials involve people walking the strip using false identities. The campaign is very creative, but the part I love the most is that they created a website to allow people to create their own identities.

The site has the user select attributes of their character (smoothness, style, bravery, attitude, and creativity) which the system then uses to create an identity. They even go so far as to make up business cards and even a 1-800 number that people can call to verify authenticity.

Try it out for yourself. Personally, I have to get back to project Green Sea.

This is Timothy, the double-agent, out. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds...

Fatwa... Again

Jeff H. of Think Sink has issued a fatwa against... himself. I have agreed to lend my support to this worthy cause. Look for me in the protest pictures on his site.

Feel free to join up. We must punish this Jeff H. as he is an infidel and a menace to society.

Besides, it means we get to burn stuff.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

If I Had a Bird, This Would Line the Cage

Ever since the Review-Journal started carrying the Las Vegas Sun in its circulation, I feel like I'm wasting money if I buy the paper. Just take a look at this Sunday's Sun. The whole front page is dedicated to Bill Walters trying to buy out a deed restriction on the Royal Links golf club so that Las Vegas can build low-income housing on the land. The Sun reports that the deal is bad for Walters who looks to make $12.2 million from the offer but good for Las Vegas taxpayers who stand to gain $38 million. Where did they come up with the numbers?

"the Sun commissioned an independent analysis by a financial advisory firm that, to further assure objectivity, does not do business with the Sun or any related companies."
Let's examine the 'objectivity' that the Sun supposedly ensured. The owner of the Las Vegas Sun is the Greenspun family. The editor is Brian Greenspun. Brian Greenspun also owns American Nevada Corporation who has had land dealings with Walters in the past. Brian Greenspun considers Bill Walters to be a 'friend'.

How can they consider a study, funded by a friend of Walters, to be objective? Especially when the study didn't even take into account that the land was smacked up against a waste water treatment facility that will require modifications costing millions just to reduce the odors emanating from it?

I'll stick with the results of the analysis that Nevada Attorney General George Chanos will get from the law firm that he hired to investigate the deal. Senn Meulmans has nothing to gain and no ties to Walters that could influence their findings. It's a small price to pay for the piece of mind that this deal is in the best interest of the taxpayers.

What's an HTML?

Anyone who has been to this site before knows that I just updated the header so that the colors in the title graphic match the background. Why did it take me so long? Well I'm still getting the hang of this HTML thing. I know that I could have asked Basil how to fix it, but pride forced me to figure it out on my own.

5 months later and I finally figure out that the letters and numbers following 'background:' and 'color:' are actually hexadecimal that can easily be converted into RGB format.

Anyone not familiar with what hexadecimal is, it is simply a number system that is base 16 (0-9,a-f). That means that a color code such as #ff00ee equates to 255,0,238 (f is 15 so F0 = 15 * 16 and FF = 15 * 16 + 15 (confused yet?)). Using this method, I was able to convert the HTML color code for the header into RGB and use it to make a new graphic.

I am officially a nerd now. Time to shop for pocket protectors.

Linked to Point Five, Jo's Cafe, Right Wing Nation

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Name Change?

I may have to change the name of this blog. I never want the 'Gun Toting Liberal' to think that it applies to him.

I found GTL via the Blogging Man 2007 'Wall of Blogs' and began reading his site with the full expectation that it would fit the mold of Huffpo or the DU. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he is an independent thinker that provides thought-provoking topics and never resorts to insults to get his point across. Regretfully(?), this means that he is not the easy target of ridicule I was hoping to find.

He's even got me to see his point of view on a few topics. This is a feat not easily accomplished. Go check out his site. You won't regret it.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Talk About Bird Shot

I recently got word of this Cheney guy accidentally shooting Harry Whittington, who was recently released from the hospital. Some people, like New York Times columnist Bob Herbert, have called for Cheney to step down as Vice President because of the incident. News flash: It was an accident, people.

Accidents happen while bird hunting. Take it from me. I have been thrown off cliffs, blown up by dynamite, shot by guns. I've even been hit by trains, buses, and trucks. All this because of bird hunting.

It's a dangerous endeavor, but well worth it. One of these days I'm going to get that roadrunner and slow roast him. Sure he's scrawny and probably tough, but I've put too much time and effort toward catching him just to quit.

One suggestion for Mr. Cheney, work alone in the future. Not only do you not have to worry about hurting anyone else, but it also means more bird for you. Big man like you needs all he can get.

No Taste in Berlin

Aw, Michael Moore has a groupie.
It did not take long for the entertainment press to liken British film director Michael Winterbottom's "The Road to Guantanamo" to Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11," a polemic against the Bush administration.
So what you are trying to say is that it is a film filled with lies and that is isn't worth seeing. But it is on it's way to getting an award!
Winterbottom's offering, a harsh if one-sided look at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, is the critics' favorite to take the Berlin Film Festival's top prize, the Golden Bear.
I guess the 'golden toiletbowl' award already went to Moore, huh?

What do we expect from filmmakers these days? Of course the liberal left has taken control of the world film market. I can't hardly stand going to a theater now. If it isn't a 'blockbuster action film' with 'spectacular special effects', then it's a pile of moonbat refuse that I wouldn't inflict upon my worst enemy.

But then, Harry Reid probably already saw it.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's Not Right

I like the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The officers I have met are great people and I am fortunate to have made their acquaintance. I even count some of them among my friends.

What I don't like is seeing motorcycle cops drive down the median, without lights or siren, just because traffic is down to 35 MPH on the freeway. If a cop is not responding to a call, he or she should be required to obey the same traffic laws as any other driver on the road. Why should they get to be the execption just because they wear a uniform and drive a bike that says 'POLICE' on it?

If I read the NRS section 484 right, an emergency vehicle may "disregard regulations governing direction of movement or turning in specified directions" only when "responding to an emergency call or when in pursuit of an actual or suspected violator of the law or when responding to but not upon returning from a fire alarm". I don't see anything about 'when traffic is moving slower than you like, feel free to pass everyone in the median'. No lights, no siren, no emergency, means no driving in the median.

Unless of course, you want to make it legal for everyone else to do the same. If that's the case, I'm buying a Harley.

Can I Have One?

Photo by Gary Thompson.
It looks as though the US Air Force will be retiring the F-117 stealth fighter 3 years earlier than originally planned. 52 planes total are destined for either museums or the 'Boneyard' aka Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson, Ariz.
The Nighthawks are priced at $45 million apiece, not counting costs for research and development, according to an Air Force fact sheet.
Okay, so instead of sending these beauties to the dump, let me have just one. That's not much to ask, is it? I'd be really good to it. Please?!

I absolutely hate to see these engineering marvels rust away. I never could afford the price tag, but I'm sure someone out there could. Get 'em on eBay and sell to the highest bidder (with proper US citizenship). Take the money and give it to the hurricane victims or use it to fund educational programs for kids.

C'mon, do I have to think of everything for you government types?

He May Be Offended...

but apparently he's not funny. Mr. Wile E. Coyote was found to be only 'Amusing' at the CoC #42 hosted this week at Baker Street.

I'll coach him on the true meaning of humor. Let me get my anvil.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I am offended.

TM and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

I am issuing a fatwa against the people of Warner Brothers animation for creating cartoons in which I, Wile E. Coyote (genius), am portrayed as a simpleton. These cartoons are degrading to my image and only serve to insult coyotes everywhere.

This will likely cause coyotes to become violent. We may even resort to ordering dynamite from ACME and using it to blow up the Warner Brothers studios. Don't think I can't, I have plans already made up to divert the cars of the executive staff to the top of a cliff causing them to tumble to their deaths.

I demand an apology from the heads of Warner Brothers! And one from that infuriating roadrunner! I'm still recovering from that incident with the anvil!

I'm Not Supposed to Blog This

You see, it's not fair if I point out the news articles that tie Harry Reid in with the Abramoff scandal. Apparently this is supposed to be a one sided fight against the dirty Republicans. Only they can be guilty. Ooops, here's more:
The activities -- detailed in billing records and correspondence obtained by The Associated Press -- are far more extensive than previously disclosed. They occurred over three years as Reid collected nearly $68,000 in donations from Abramoff's firm, lobbying partners and clients.
I'm sorry if the truth is too much for you. I just want a fair investigation and that includes Senator Reid. I want ALL those who took money from Abramoff to come to the light as this is only scratching the surface of the corruption in Washington.

Partisan politics is not going to solve this problem. It's okay if you don't want to face the truth, just know that this is not going to go away. Feel free to hide out at the DU, if you want. You won't find news like this there.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Something Odd

Okay, so it was a week ago that Mother Sheehan got the cuffs slapped on her as she was hauled out of the House of Representatives. Old news. What hit me recently was this; why was she in the gallery in the first place?

She got the pass from Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-California). Okay.

She got through Capitol security. Understandable since she wasn't armed.

What confuses me is why the security guard who checks for passes didn't bother to stop her there. Unless they changed the admittance policy since I was there last, you had to hand over your guest pass to a guard before being admitted to the gallery. Someone would then escort you in and seat you. Why did they allow Sheehan, with her protest shirt, into the gallery? Let alone during the State of the Union Address?

Something just doesn't add up here. What is the rest of the story? How did she get all the way to a seat before someone said something to her?

Any ideas?

HT: NIF for the story.

Glenn Goes to Washington

Evil Glenn is on his way to the nation's capital to sign books.

Or so he says...

I think Evil Glenn is just using it as an excuse to meet with his operatives in the White House. On a hunch, I checked into Karl Rove's email and found a message from a ''. It read:

"On my way, Karl. Nerve gas was a failure. Plan B in effect. Don't forget the voodoo dolls."

I'm not sure what Glenn is up to, but it can't be good.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Is anybody else happy that Pittsburgh won? They even beat the 4.5 point spread. That means a lot of the guys at work who bet on the game lost.

The casinos thank you for your business.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Post #5

I realized that if I keep doing this, I'm either going to go nuts or fill this blog with crappy posts. Or both. Enjoy the game everybody!

Super Bowl Post #4

Okay Pittsburgh, get your act in gear. This is where discipline comes into effect. Wait for the snap. No more false starts, okay?

Super Bowl Post #3

Looks like Seattle is sticking to the short bursts. It seems to be working. They're getting the yards. Quick huddles.

Update:I guess it didn't work that well. Pittsburgh's turn.

Super Bowl Post #2

Seattle got the toss. I guess that's the end of that.

Poor Pittsburgh.

Super Bowl Post #1

Listening to Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin doing the National Anthem was like driving past a bad train wreck. You just can't help listening because you want to see how bad it really can get.

Keep it simple from now on!

Almost Game Time

Were did I put those chips?

Cold soda: check.
TV: Not on hand, radio will have to do.
Recliner: Again, at home and I'm at work.

Why do I always get scheduled to work on Super Bowl Sunday?

Why the Navy Kicks Butt

From Centcom:

U.S. Navy Captures Suspected Pirates Off Somali Coast

MANAMA, Bahrain – At approximately 3 p.m. local time today, Jan. 21, the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet captured a group of suspected pirates in the Indian Ocean, approximately 54 miles off the central eastern coast of Somalia.

After receiving a report of an attempted act of piracy from the International Maritime Bureau in Kuala Lumpur on the morning of Jan. 20, the guided missile destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG 81) and other U.S. naval forces in the area located the vessel of the suspected pirates and reported its position. Churchill then shadowed the suspect pirate vessel through the night and into the morning hours of Jan. 21.
Summary of what happened after that:
  • Churchill radios to the ship and gets no response.
  • Churchill moves to block the ship but they keep going on course.
  • Churchill fires off a warning shot.
  • Pirates stop their ship.
  • Churchill calls to the pirates telling them to send their crew over on a boat that they are towing.
  • Pirates hesitate.
  • Churchill fires off more warning shots.
  • Pirates pee pants and start heading over to the Churchill.

  • It would only have been better if after they captured the pirates, they sunk the vessel and made the pirates watch as it fell beneath the waves. Go Navy!

    Linked to Basil's Blog, Jo's Cafe, Point Five

    Oh, Give Me a Break!

    My kids try to pull this crap. Someone refusing to take responsibility for their own actions does not change the fact that it is their fault.
    Syria blamed Denmark for the protests, criticizing the Scandinavian nation for refusing to apologize for the caricatures of Islam's holiest figure.

    "(Denmark's) government was able to avoid reaching this point ... simply through an apology" as requested by Arab and Muslim diplomats, state-run daily Al-Thawra said in an editorial Sunday.

    "It is unjustifiable under any kind of personal freedoms to allow a person or a group to insult the beliefs of millions of Muslims," the paper said.
    No one, other than Syria, is stupid enough to believe Denmark forced these radical Islamists to take up arms and riot. This is the fault of a culture that openly advocates violence. Asking for an apology is one thing, but saying that they are to blame for the actions of a bunch of hooligans is ridiculous. These are unacceptable actions performed by fanatics.

    Making statements like the one in this article makes it sound as though the riots are being condoned by Syria. At least Lebanon has the good sense not to do the same.
    Lebanon's Grand Mufti Mohammed Rashid Kabbani denounced the violence and appealed for calm, accusing infiltrators of sowing the dissent to "harm the stability of Lebanon."

    Prime Minister Fuad Saniora also urged peaceful protests.

    "Those who are committing these acts have nothing to do with Islam or with Lebanon," he said. "This is absolutely not the way we express our opinions."
    Whether or not the printing of the cartoons was appropriate is up to the head of the newspaper and the leaders for Islam to decide, not a bunch of rioters.

    Unfortunately, the one person I hoped would always get away with making fun of Mohammed has taken his Ask the Prophet down because of this. Laurence Simon, blogger and purveyor of crap, has been receiving threats because of his cartooning. I never mentioned this before, but it is because of Lair that I started blogging in the first place. His informative and often funny posts inspired me to begin putting my thoughts down. I hope that this incident doesn't break his spirit, because the blogosphere would lose one of the greats.

    To the rioters: Learn to laugh at yourself because, only then can you realize how ridiculous all this is.

    Friday, February 03, 2006

    What's Good For the Goose

    Harry Reid, when are you going to 'fess up? $50,000 from Indian tribes who had gaming interests, all of them represented by Jack Abramoff, and you still have the audacity to shrug it off as 'legal contributions'. Let's break it down...

  • $19,500 from the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians of California.

  • $5,000 from the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana.

  • $7,000 from the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

  • $19,000 from the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan.
  • All of it legitimate, right Harry?

    Reid has acknowledged receiving $61,000 from tribal clients and lobbying colleagues of Abramoff. He has said the money was legally raised, that he has done nothing improper and does not plan to refund the donations.
    But if the donations came to Republicans, it is dirty money and they are all guilty of accepting bribes and unethical behavior.

    I'm sick of this one sided view of the Abramoff scandal. There are politicians that need to be investigated on both sides of the aisle. Harry Reid is one of them. This needs to be an impartial investigation, as well.

    The American Prospect, a self-described liberal publication, commissioned a study of donations by Indian tribes that Abramoff represented compared to tribes who were not clients.

    The study, performed by campaign finance specialists Dwight L. Morris and Associates, suggests "it's likely that Abramoff had little impact on giving to Democrats," the publication said in a Jan. 27 report.
    This means nothing to me since the liberals are footing the bill. Get a commission together and look into the matter without party bias. Until the truth comes out in full, and ALL guilty parties are accounted for, I will have no faith in the House and Senate.

    Time to clean house.

    HT: The Drudge Report

    Thursday, February 02, 2006

    New Orleans Hit By Bush Tornados.

    Apparently President Bush hasn't had enough fun with his global-warming/weather machine. Now he has sent 2 tornados to hurricane ravaged New Orleans. It must have had to do with Nagin's 'Chocolate City' comment.
    "I cannot believe this. We were hit twice. It's not bad enough we got 11 feet of water," said Maria Kay Chetta, a city grants manager.
    Well Ms. Chetta, that's because the president hates black people. When are you people going to get a clue that nowhere is safe now?
    The wind also blew down a radio tower near a major thoroughfare, authorities said.
    It appears the Bush administration is attempting to control communications too. What is this country coming to? It looks as though we are headed for a complete dictatorship.
    Electricity was knocked out at Louis Armstrong International Airport, grounding passenger flights and leaving travelers to wait in a dimly lit terminal powered by generators. The storm also ripped off part of a concourse roof, slammed one jetway into another, and flipped motorized runway luggage carts.
    Obviously Bush doesn't want them to be able to get out of the city. That was his mistake last time; He left a way out. Can't kill black people if they can hop a flight! Bush is getting craftier by the minute.

    Don't let the people at the National Weather Service lie to you. These tornados were not naturally caused! The Right Wing Extremists know the truth! This is all a plot to wipe New Orleans off the map!

    (This message courtesy of the DU in conjunction with Michael Moore Productions)

    Hijacked Basil's Picnic. Dining at Jo's Cafe.

    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    100 Days of Hamas

    A Precision Guided Humor Assignment

    The Alliance calls and, once again, I make a feeble attempt to answer. They want to know what "reforms" the new Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority will implement during their first 100 days.

    It just so happens that I received an advance copy of the ‘Hamas Guidebook to Ruining Running an Authority’ from Amazon. The book is pretty lengthy so I’ll break it down to the basics. Here is the overall plan:

    Step 1: Kill all Joooos
    Step 2: Kill all infidels
    Step 3: If there is anyone left, they can have a party.

    That pretty much takes care of day 1. As far as day 2 thru 100, they don’t have anything since they don’t plan on making it that far. I guess if Iran gets a nuke they will add some more chapters about running from U.S. nuclear warheads.

    Remember all you radical Islamists, ‘duck and cover’ doesn’t actually help you survive a nuclear stike. Radiation doesn’t care what position you are in when it kills you.

    State of the Union

    President Bush did a very good job with the State of the Union address, in my opinion. A few things of particular interest to me were:

    “Yet there is a difference between responsible criticism that aims for success, and defeatism that refuses to acknowledge anything but failure. Hindsight alone in not wisdom.”
    That statement must have been aimed directly at John Murtha, Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy. It’s all to easy to point out someone’s shortcomings when you don’t have to acknowledge your own.

    “The Palestinian people have voted in elections – now the leaders of Hamas must recognize Israel, disarm, reject terrorism, and work for a lasting peace.”
    You want Hamas, a terrorist organization, to reject terrorism? This is a tall order. I think it is time for the world to recognize the plight of Israel and work to protect the people and the country from eradication by radical Islamists.

    “Every year of my presidency, we have reduced the growth of non-security discretionary spending – and last year you passed bills that cut this spending. This year my budget will cut it again, and reduce or eliminate more than 140 programs that are performing poorly or not fulfilling essential priorities.”
    Maybe Glenn Reynolds’ and NZ Bear’s pork-busters program is actually having an effect. Keep up the good work.

    “I ask you to join me in creating a commission to examine the full impact of Baby Boom retirements on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”
    And this commission will find a way to make sure these programs stay status quo. There is no motive for our government to change these programs. As long as the money keeps flowing in, everything is okay in Washington. That is why President Bush’s privatization plan was struck down.

    “We will invest more in zero-emission coal-fired plants; revolutionary solar and wind technologies; and clean, safe nuclear energy.”
    Of these plants, the only one that is cost effective is nuclear. We have made good progress on nuclear energy, by improving the NRC permit process, such that there are 1500* new plant proposals on the books as of 2005. There is no efficient way of reducing all emissions from a coal plant and, even with tax incentives, solar and wind are expensive to run. The real future lies in fuel cells. More money needs to be invested in their development.
    (* As reported in the Jan-Feb 2006 edition of Electric Perspectives magazine)

    Those are the biggest points in my view. I think that politicians on both sides can take something good from this speech. Hopefully the President’s words will give our country new strength and hope for the future.

    Day By Day© by Chris Muir.