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Friday, January 20, 2006

CSI: Glenn Reynolds

(A Filthy Lie)

Las Vegas, NV
10:32 A.M.

(DR. ROBBINS goes over the body with NICK and GRISSOM.)

NICK: What can you tell us?

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: Nothing you don't know. Trauma to the head with a blunt object. Overwhelmed him.

(Quick flashback to: In the alley, Evil Glenn hits hobo. Hard. End
of flashback. Resume to present.)

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: He got a mixture of sodium amytal in him.

NICK: A hypnotic.

(Quick flashback to: In the alley, hobo is out on the street. Evil Glenn is straddled across him as he forces the liquid down his throat. End of flashback. Resume to present.)

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: Allowed him to control him for up to six hours. Torture him. Look at the bruises.

(He points to the purple bruises on his face and neck. GRISSOM leans in to look.)

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: Purple means he was alive for all of it.

(Quick flashback to: In the alley, Reynolds strangles the hobo. End of flashback. Resume to present.)

NICK: Percussive control.

GRISSOM: He choked him unconscious and then brought him to multiple times. What about the DNA?

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: Same as the others. Indeterminate origin.

(DR. ROBBINS turns back to get the sample.)

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: I did find a small trace of something. Looks like the remnants of a puppy shake.

(He hands it over to NICK to look at.)

(Camera zooms in for a close up of the item. Brown substance with clumps of fur in it.)

GRISSOM: Are we done?

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: Something we didn't find with the other two hobos.

(DR. ROBBINS turns around and picks up a single strand of cotton fiber. He hands it to GRISSOM.)

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: Fibers. One in the back of his throat.

(Camera CGI POV close up of a fiber stuck in between two teeth. Flash to white. Resume GRISSOM.)

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: One stuck between his lower molars.

GRISSOM: This looks like wire. Maybe computer cable.


(GRISSOM glances at the body, then back at the fiber.)

GRISSOM: Could be silencing them with ... monitor cords?

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: Well, it would explain why no one hears the victim's screams.

GRISSOM: He brings it with him and takes it away after. So, somewhere, there's evidence of this victim on a Macintosh.

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: Kind of a forensic smoking gun.

GRISSOM: Mmm. Now we just have to find the guy and hope that he hasn't wiped his hard drive.

[End of Scene]

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