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Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas (after)

Whew! Great vacation. The presents have been dealt out and the wrapping paper is in the trash. Back to the grindstone.

What to my wondering eyes did appear? Comments from trolls who found there way here!

Okay. Notice some comments have been deleted. This is NOT because I disagree with what is said. Trolls and the like are entitled to their opinions. You are not, however, allowed to use foul language on my blog. I am not the FCC, and as such am not willing to put up any sort of warning that idiots are using foul words here. If you can't keep your language clean, go comment somewhere else.

Now for you moronic trolls (i.e. Chuckles), I have asked this question to every lefty liberal trash-heap that has the audacity to question the methods of the Bush administration: Where is the proof?

You say he KNEW that the 9-11 attacks were coming. Where did you find this piece of information? Why didn't you inform the 9-11 commission, who proved otherwise? Why aren't you on CNN right now explaining that this war was started just so that Bush and his cronies at Haliburton could put an oil pipeline into the heart of Iraq? Give me one piece of solid evidence that would stand up in trial, and maybe you will get the credibility you think you deserve.

I WON'T be holding my breath.

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