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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Keep Mining Nevada

With our mineral resources as abundant as they are, you would think that Jim Gibbons' plan for opening more federal land for mining would be strongly accepted. Not where liberals are concerned. Almost immediately after the bill was introduced, the Las Vegas Sun wrote an editorial slamming Gibbons' proposal as "a giveaway to private interests", claiming that the land could be bought up under patents for $1,000 an acre or fair market value, whichever is higher, regardless of the mineral potential.

First off, the land has to be explored and prove that there is a profitable mineral content before it will be sold. It is true that the bill has provisions for the addition of "adjacent public land", but that is for the support of a mining operation. You can't have a mine if there is no place for miners to live.

Plainly stated, this is a good thing for Nevada. We have a strong mining heritage and in order to keep the money and jobs here, we need to be able to explore more land for minerals. Oh, and $1,000 an acre for 360,000 acres totals... $360,000,000! All that without raising federal taxes!

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