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Friday, December 30, 2005

Call Me Crazy

I am totally opposed to frivolous lawsuits. Every time somebody stubs their toe in a supermarket and sues, the prices of grocery items goes up. I don't like that.

That being said. This guy is my hero.
A Las Vegas man who sued a company for repeatedly sending him an unsolicited fax advertisement won a Nevada Supreme Court ruling Thursday giving him the right to sue in state court under a federal consumer protection law.

Paul D.S. Edwards, who brought the action against Direct Access LLC, which does business as Direct Access Partners, can pursue the case in Clark County District Court, a three-member panel of the court ruled.
If this guy needs somebody else to form a class-action, I'm available. This company sends faxes with offers for 'low interest loans' just about every week to my job. Who they are for is anyone's guess. I called the number on the sheet that is supposed to get you off their calling list, yet the faxes keep coming.

Mr. Edwards, I hope you get enough to put these idiots out of business. Unsolicited phone calls are one thing, but these faxes are wasting company and/or personal resources to advertise something totally unrelated to the business that is being performed. If you want to sell me a loan, get an ad on TV or the radio. Leave my fax machine alone.

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