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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Once again, the Kyoto protocol rears its ugly head and once again, we reject it. Why would the U.S. not wish to participate in such a treaty? Because we like electricity and the U.S. is already doing it's part to reduce the amount of CO and NOx we put into the air.
A broad scientific consensus agrees that these gases accumulating in the atmosphere, byproducts of automobile engines, power plants and other fossil fuel-burning industries, contributed significantly to the past century's global temperature rise of 1 degree Fahrenheit.
That's right folks, a whole whopping degree. The kicker is that these scientists have no actual evidence that the temperature rise is caused by humans. To the contrary, there is evidence to show that there have been multiple ice ages caused by CO2 naturally building up and subsequently melting the polar ice caps.
"It's clear the Bush administration isn't willing to accept its responsibility," climate expert Bill Hare of Greenpeace International said of the continued U.S. rejection of global negotiations and emissions controls.
If we were forced to comply with the terms of the treaty, over half of our power generating plants in the U.S. would have to shut down. The cost to upgrade a plant to meet such strict guidelines would be astronomical. Coal generation would cease and the cost of electricity would be similar to what it was during the power crisis in California, only it would be nationwide. In order to make up for the lost capacity, we would have to utilize alternatives such as nuclear power. Somehow, I think that Greenpeace wouldn't accept that as an option.

Maybe they want all of us to go the way of the Amish. I wonder if Bill Hare owns an iPod. It's hard to listen to Enya without electricity, Bill.

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