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Sunday, November 27, 2005

What Are They Thinking?

Sunday's edition of the Las Vegas Review Journal has a surprise in the Opinion section. Where all of the liberal ranting is supposed to be, there is a beautifully sculptured piece by J.C. Watts. Here's an excerpt:
Eight months ago, 53 percent of our fellow Americans believed President Bush to be accurate and honest in making his case to the country before we went to war. Forty-one percent believed he had "misled us."

Today, The Wall Street Journal and NBC tell us that only 35 percent believe Bush was truthful while 57 percent believe he deliberately misled us into war.

I'm aghast at the absurdity of it all. No matter how vehemently I may disagree with a political opponent, I would never presume to believe that a man or woman who was elected by a majority of Americans in a particular district or state would deliberately choose to send our sons and daughters to war and send them to their untimely graves.

But I guess I don't play the game the way they do.
I love the way he eloquently sticks it to the MSM. J.C. writes only a few columns for the R.J. every year. If he ever gets a blog, I'm reading it every day.

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