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Friday, November 04, 2005

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

I just about peed myself when I read this. Never one to be afraid to speak his mind, Las Vegas mayor extraordinaire, Oscar Goodman, suggested on live T.V. that vandals who are caught defacing public property should... this is sooooo good... have their thumbs cut off on live T.V.

There have been times that I have disagreed with our mayor, but on this, I think he may have something. I believe that our society has gone soft on crime and it is past time to clean up the streets. Okay, maybe not by cutting off thumbs but make a punishment that is more fitting to the crime committed.

Liberalism has penetrated our society so far as to make what was unacceptable, acceptable. There are so many restrictions on our judicial system that many criminals now walk the streets. This will be the downfall of society and it may just start with one street vandal spray-painting a turtle.

World peace, although a wonderful thought, will forever be unattainable. Freedoms will forever be at threat from tyrants and there must be people and laws to protect them. Punish those who break the law, lest they break it again.

Good on you, Mr. Goodman. Drink up.

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