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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Time to Vent... Again

Humor is an important thing. It relieves stress, lowers tension, and may even be healthy. Subject matter for jokes can vary widely. Sometimes the subject may be inappropriate, but this often depends on the audience and the place. You may not want to start telling blonde jokes at a funeral or in the middle of church, but then again, that can depend on the situation.

At my job, we have a diverse workforce. All of the jokes that have been told here, I would find appropriate for any audience. Our human resources department apparently thinks otherwise.

You may remember the post that I had with the picture of George Bush Sr. and Jr. in the boat, well it was from an email that was circulating around our office. The picture was plainly photoshopped and was only meant as a joke, but someone found it offensive. Someone that doesn't even work here.

Of course, if they are checking the emails then they know about this blog and so I'll probably get in trouble just for writing this, even though I haven't mentioned my company's name or my own.

Big brother is watching.

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