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Friday, November 25, 2005

Sheehan Gets Stoned

Peace-mom and overall liberal nutcase Cindy (Screech) Sheehan will now be forever immortalized in something more intelligent than she; a 1,200 pound rock.
The artist who carved the 1,200-pound monument, Ron Teska of Wind Ridge, Pa., drove to Crawford the last week of the protest with the stone slab in the back of his pickup. He spent about 45 hours carving it.
This just proves my point that hippies have nothing good to do with their time. Work would mean being a productive member of society and thus it must be shunned. Keep sending those welfare checks!

My favorite part of this is the caption that accompanies the photo:
Sheehan and her supporter have resumed their war protest near President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas.
She's down to one now?! Don't tell me that those liberal hippies are ACTUALLY using their brains! No way. Maybe they just figured out that she is a lost cause that will go the way of Michael Moore.

You know, he's that guy who made that movie with all the lies in it. Fahrenheit-something...

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