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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Label Me a Fish Murderer

PETA is, once again, on a campaign to scare the living daylights out of your kids. 'Your Daddy Kills Animals'(WARNING:Link has graphic content) is the title of a comic produced by those tree-hugging friends-of-beef intended to make your child run frightened through the house every time you open the fridge.
The handout, titled "Your Daddy Kills Animals," features a grinning lunatic gutting a fish, and warns kids to keep their puppies and kittens away from Dad because he's "hooked on killing."
The tactics that PETA uses are no better then the terrorists in Iraq. They use fear to force the masses to see things their way (sound familiar?). Don't misunderstand me, I have never, nor will ever, condone avoidable cruelty to animals. Pets should be loved and cared for and the cows that are used for the steak I eat should be killed quickly and humanely. Under no circumstances will I be threatened by a bunch of worthless tofu-eating hoodlums because I choose to consume meat.

It is in human nature to be a omnivore. Our bodies require the protein and nutrients that come from meat, eggs, and milk. I don't care if they found some chemical substitute for these things. Meat tastes good! Also, there is no artificial material that feels as warm and soft as true animal fur. It's past time for the government to reevaluate the tax-exempt status of PETA due to their terrorist ties (ie. the ELF and ALF). Put them out of business, for the sake of my taste buds.

I just wish I was better at killing fish... I guess we'll be having peanut butter and jelly again.

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