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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Glenn Reynolds: The Musical

(A Filthy Lie)

Instapundit on Ice? Puppyblender: The E! True Hollywood Story? No. It's Glenn Reynolds: The Musical.

It has comedy, drama, nanotechnology. See as our hero attempts once again to take on Michelle Malkin for control of the Blogosphere! Glenn Reynolds: The Musical also has a heart-warming love story between a man and his puppies.

Scene: Glenn Reynolds in his kitchen.

Glenn: Here, puppy. You want to go for a ride in the blender?
Puppy: Yip!
Glenn: Muahahaha!
It won't be long now
With excitement, I quake
Sweet little puppy
Tastes good in a shake

Destined for Broadway, it's Glenn Reynolds: The Musical.

What shall become of me?
Malkin has beaten me.
Puppies are running free.

Produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber in conjunction with Hobo-killer productions.

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