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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The France Model

Ever since I heard about the rioting in France, I've been wondering what would cause a riot of this magnitude. I remember the riots in L.A. after the Rodney King fiasco, but if memory serves, that lasted only a few days.

Looking to the MSM, I am bombarded by those who wish to make it a race issue. 'It's not their fault, they aren't given a fair chance because they are immigrants.' I'm not willing to believe that.

Looking at the condition of France as a whole, the reason begins to take form. The liberal model of big government has taken hold in France and caused regulation of housing, healthcare and the job market. This is micro-management to an extreme.
France is one of the strongest defenders of the European Social Model. The main feature of the Model is a big state -- with high taxes, a regulated labor market, public welfare monopolies and large social security systems. But after the events in Paris, isn't it about time that France too realizes that this is an anti-social model that we should leave behind?
This is what happens if liberalism is allowed to take complete control. You try and make every person the same and someone always gets left behind. In our country, it would be conservative white males, but in France it's the Muslim, Arab, and black immigrants.
Leaving this anti-social model behind may be the most important thing we could do to create better opportunities for immigrants. They want to contribute to society, they want to work -- not just be locked up in suburbs denied every opportunity.
Employers are regulated so far that they resort to discrimination, taxes are so high that economic growth is stifled, and regulated housing creates ghettos. Let this serve as a warning for those on the left who want our government to cater to their every need. Be careful what you wish for, it may lead to riots.

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