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Monday, November 14, 2005

Evil Walmart

Normally I can't stand radio commercials. Stupid jingles, bad voice artists, and lack of good music make me want to change the station. Yesterday, though, I finally heard one that made a difference in my life. It was for a group called Walmart Watch. They even had a jingle set to a Christmas song.

They are holding an event called 'Higher Expectations Week' this week and I'm encouraging every person in my area to participate. You see, Walmart is an evil corporation bent on destroying communities with greed. They are obviously in league with Satan, even though, "through its community grants, the company already gives money to many local church projects." That is just a cover up for Satanic activity. Walmart associates must have to drink goats blood while dancing around a pentagram or something like that.

So stop going to Walmart. Especially avoid it during the after-Thanksgiving sale. Stay away.

Then the checkout lines will be shorter for me.

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