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Friday, November 11, 2005

Evil Glenn's Lawsuit

(A Filthy Lie)

Glenn Reynolds, the unstoppable force behind the Libertarian Movement and puppy-blender extraordinaire, has gone too far this time. The revenue from the few ads he has on his blog has not been adequate to sustain his plan for world domination, therefore he has gone to the lowest level.

Evil Glenn is using that law degree of his to bring a class action law suit against, none other than... Jesus. He thinks he has quite a case against the Son of God on the grounds of making Christians want to display symbols of Christianity. He has teamed up with the ACLU to try and force Jesus to remove all evidence of His existence.

Jesus's attorney had this to say, "The Savior will fight these ridiculous allegations. We plan to show that people WANT to display these symbols as proof of their faith. It's freedom of religion we are talking about here."

Reynolds responded by saying, "If He wants us to believe He exists, let Him come here and tell us in person."

St. Peter and Moses are expected to testify at the hearing that is slated to begin sometime in this millennium.

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