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Thursday, November 03, 2005

8 Days of Violence

Paris, France is in a heap of trouble. Today marks the 8th day of rioting in the streets after 2 teenage boys were electrocuted and another injured while hiding from police in an electrical substation. Cars are being torched. Police are being shot at. Chirac asks for 'dialogue'.
"The law must be applied firmly and in a spirit of dialogue and respect," Chirac told a Cabinet meeting Wednesday. "The absence of dialogue and an escalation of a lack of respect will lead to a dangerous situation."
I'd swear he was reading out of the U.N. guidebook to get that line.
A police union official proposed establishing a curfew and bringing in the military to help handle the rioting, while some members of the opposition Socialist Party have suggested the police should withdraw from the communities to quell the unrest.
Wow! Have the police removed? How have these people kept their country from being overrun by vigilantes is beyond me.

Okay you frog-eating idiots, do what the police union official suggests and bring in the military. They might be able to get the riots under control.

That is unless they surrender first.

This looks like the beginnings of another dark page in France's history. Perhaps even darker than the revolt on Louis-Philippe in 1848.

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