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Sunday, November 20, 2005


2,091 can be a nice number. It could be the year in which alien life is discovered. It could be the price of a 7-piece living room set. It could be the amount of my bonus this year.

In the case of CNN, it is the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq as of this morning. Every time another of our men or women in uniform makes the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, CNN adds another point to their death tally.

I feel that this trivializes the loss of a human life. This person has a family and friends. This person was doing something important and we may never know what it was. The least CNN could do is give a soldier some dignity in their death. When our battle group lost shipmates in the attack on the USS Cole, we all felt it. America needs to feel for those lost in Iraq.

I want everyone to know who each of these brave young men and women were. What was their motivation for joining the military? What was their background? Did they know how much I appreciated what they were doing for me?

For the idiots like Murtha who think we shouldn't be there to help the Iraqis form a democracy, remember that if it weren't for France (that's right, France) we may not have won our own independence. Let's make sure that those who sacrificed it all can see the formation of a free Iraq from their place in Heaven.

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