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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Such a Sweet Boy

I'm sure by now you have heard about this 16-year old kid who killed a lawyer's wife in Lafayette, CA. He's facing the possibility of life in prison for the crime and rightly so. Unfortunately, he is too young for the death penalty.

Looking at the progression of this kid into a murderer, I tend to wonder where things went wrong. Those on the liberal left would say that it is the fault of video games or the oppression of society. I have another view.

I'd bet that Scott Dyleski was NEVER spanked as a kid. He probably never faced any sort of punishment from parents that could care less how their kid grew up. He wore gothic clothing, claimed to read from the 'book of Satan', was involved in credit card scams, and was trying to get into drug sales. These are not the actions of a kid who had love and discipline. And his mother allows all of this to go on under her roof? Either she was involved or she is incredibly stupid.
His stepfather, Glenn Hirschberger, described him as a "thoughtful, intelligent young man" incapable of the brutal attack on Vitale.

"Not Scott - absolutely not," Hirschberger, who was married to the boy's mother for about four years in the 1990s, told the Chronicle. "There's absolutely no way he'd be involved in anything like this. He's not a fighter. He's not a violent kid."
'Thoughtful,intelligent' criminal, you mean. In my opinion, I feel the parents should be on the stand with their kid, facing the same charges.

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