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Sunday, October 30, 2005

If There Was No Military

Imagine it: You can't go outside without fearing for your life. Some foreign country has just invaded, since we no longer have a means to defend ourselves, and our freedom is at stake. That's the kind of world that the people of Project Counter-Recruitment want.

They are trying to restrict access to high school campuses and student information from military recruiters. The same access and information that is fully available to colleges and potential employers. They are attempting to establish a double standard.

I have a solution for you liberal weenies. You don't want recruiters on the campus, fine. We will go to a system of mandatory military service for all kids at the age of 18. 2 years of serving your country, no excuses. Don't like it? Then stop interfering with military recuiters who are trying to get kids to VOLUNTEER to serve their country. We need these young men and women to defend our freedom from threats, foreign and domestic. If you make it too hard for recruiters to gain access to them, then the next time we have a war, your kid will serve, like it or not. Why? He(or she)'s been drafted.

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