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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Carnival of Comedy #26

Ron Popeil

Hi there folks! I'm Ron Popeil with an all new invention that you can't live without.

Some of you may already have one of my great inventions, such as the Showtime Rotisserie oven or Solid Flavor Injector but you have seen nothing yet!

For all of you who live dull, boring lives, I have created the Carnival of Comedy #26! With this invention, you can amuse all of your friends with stories and jokes that will leave them in stitches! You may have seen similar products advertised on IMAO or the IMAO podcast, but believe me when I say that THIS is the original and best Carnival of Comedy.

Look at all the great things that come with the Carnival of Comedy #26:

-The Evil Emperor Mindstation's electric love machine. (Point Five, Emperor Mindstation)
-Be a set designer for Osama! (
-The scoop on Trace Gallagher's new job. (Point Five, A4G)
-Spam's effect on Harriet Miers (Literal Barrage)
-Jon Corzine eats what?! (GOP and the City)
-See Dick scream. (Dr. Phat Tony's)
-Costumes to warn your kids about. (The Nose On Your Face)
-Another great invention by Bush and Rove. 'Rummytummy' (File it Under)

Ron Popeil

Isn't that incredible? But wait! If you order during this show, we will throw in the following for no extra charge:

-Nascar drivers wearing diapers! (Drawing the Line)
-The dark side of the letter G. (RHOG)
-Damian G. on drugs. (Conservathink)
-16 horror flicks you can live without. (The Right Place)
-Saddam looking for a new lawyer. (Vox Poplar) *Strong language
-Why there are plumbers. (Big Picture, Small Office)
-Al Franken, funny? Since when? (Striving For Average)
-What Cindy Sheehan did in jail. Actually, who. (The Peace Moonbeam Chronicles)
-Why high school is overrated. (Immature With No Conscience)
-Air Memorial? (Don't Go Into The Light)
-Brevity. (The World According to Nick)

Ron Popeil

Yes, it's a great deal but it's about to get better. If you promise to tell just five of your friends or family about the Carnival of Comedy #26, we will include, for no extra charge:

-Party with! (Radioactive Liberty)
-Make liberals our slaves? (Embrace The Nothingness)
-Whole lotta pumpkin. (In Search of What's Next)
-I hate people like this. (Miriam's ideas)
-Miers ain't pretty. (Mean Ol' Meany)
-Crappy time with The King. (
-A fifty mile run? Because you want to? (Runalong)
-Good math gone wrong. (Political Calculations)
-Gorillas gone wild. (The Idiom)

Ron Popeil

Now THAT is a deal! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call right now! Operators are standing by.

(Notice: The previous was NOT a paid advertisement from Ronco Inc. It was meant only as a parody. If your submission was missed, feel free to email me at shootaliberal(at)gmail(dot)com or add it to the comments.)

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