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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hatemail Time!

What's this in my inbox? Lefty hatemail? Yippee!

Hey Rightwanker!! Come f--king(edited) shoot THIS LIBERAL Democrat!!! I'm the big red headed bearded guy in Knoxville, Tn. holding the legal class 3 full auto and the AR-15 with the 40 round mag. I've been trying for years to provoke one of you rightwing pu--ies(edited) into coming after me! Here's your chance smegma breath! Come on down and take your best shoot Conservanazi! I've been waiting for the opportunity to drill a .223 or a .308 through a Rightwankers inbred, smegma encrusted, head!! Really want to bag a Lib or are you just another macho 101st keyboarding Chickenhawk!??? - Larry Henderson, Knoxville, Tn., USA
Whoa! Ladies and gentleman, may I proudly introduce the new spokesman for the DU, Larry 'The Psychoman' Henderson. My response:

Dear left wing psycho Larry,

As it is the 21st century and not the old west, I'll have to graciously decline your invitation. The weapons I own are for hunting, target shooting, and home defense. It is nice to know you have a decent arsenal, but if you want to put it to some good use, you can join the Minutemen who are defending our borders from the hordes of illegal aliens that are crossing every day.

If you would have actually taken the time to read my blog, you might have seen that 'Shoot a Liberal' is simply a metaphor for what I write. My topics and ideas are supposed to act like a 'bullet to the brain' of the typical left wing wackjob. So take your itchy trigger finger and put it away before you hurt someone, most likely yourself.


P.S. Boomer is always within reach and he's loaded with 11 rounds of .40 S&W semi-jacket hollowpoints. For home defense.
Just for fun, here is Larry's email address: lhenderson(at)knology(dot)net. Don't want the spambots to get it or he might change it. Feel free to post your responses to this email in the comments.

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