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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hard to be Conservative?

I've been listening to a new talk radio station in Las Vegas lately, 1280AM (Google still shows it to be a spanish station). It has Laura Ingram and Michael Medved on during the day and The Rusty Humphries Show in the afternoon. Yesterday, Rusty had an interesting question for his audience: Is it hard to be conservative?

This really had me thinking. When I look at it, it isn't that hard for me, but I can see how it is easier for most people to be liberal. Think about it. Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, and so many more have the media's attention. These are the people you see on TV. These are the faces America recognizes.

Liberals have all of their lines fed to them through the television set day after day. Much like robots, they are programmed what to think and they blindly spout phrases like "Bush lied and people died". No real thought has to take place.

What a great group to be involved with. You get to blame the government for everything that didn't go right with your life. Why should you work when the 'facist right' should be giving everything to you on a silver platter?

Conservatives, on the other hand, have to apply knowledge of the real world to every day situations. We realize that someone has to pay for health care programs and welfare. Money won't just appear out of thin air. The 'tax the rich' ideal works well in fantasy such as 'Robin Hood' but this is real life.

We also understand that some things are worth fighting for. World peace would be great but there is no way for this to happen as long as tyrants run countries. Looking out for us means looking out for them.

Sucks don't it.

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