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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Good News

I've been feeling rather depressed lately as the degradation of our society becomes more and more evident to me. Christianity has become an evil in the minds of organizations such as the ACLU and as such it becomes difficult to even introduce people into the faith. Thankfully, The Bible can now be shown to kids in such a way as to meet the strict requirements that the supreme court has put in place.

This is a great program as it doesn't 'force' religion on kids but does expose them to The Bible. It lets them make up their own minds and allows them see what The Bible has done for society. Perhaps some of these kids will pick it up, read it, and actually get something out of it. I don't mean for all kids to become Christian (as great as that would be), but if they can learn just one lesson from the Word of God, imagine how much better the world could be?

American Jewish Congress (search) attorney Marc Stern, an adviser on the effort, said despite concern over growing tensions among U.S. religious groups, "this book is proof that the despair is premature, that it is possible to acknowledge and respect deep religious differences and yet still find common ground."
Amen, Mr. Stern, amen.

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