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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Glenn Reynolds International Man of Punditry

(A filthy lie)

Evil Glenn is looking to expand his horizons to the international community. (I guess out-blogging everyone in America just isn’t enough for old GR.) Instead of simply putting a Babel Fish on his site like other bloggers, Evil Glenn, with his unlimited supply of money, hired translators to work full time on his site.

Unfortunately for Glenn, his crew ran into some problems. You see, Instapundit does not mean the same thing in every language.

In Japanese, for instance, it means ‘inadequate bus fare’.

The closest thing they could find to 'Instapundit' in Polish came to mean ‘the chosen one’ which is downright creepy.

In German, it loosely translates to ‘pass the pickles’

In Cantonese, Instapundit literally translated is ‘your mother is a hairless goat’, which is why Glenn Reynolds is hated by the Chinese.

And of course there's French, where it translates directly to ‘feel the hind end of a goose’. Strangely that one gets him a lot of traffic…

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