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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

DeLay Indicted

I read the indictment against Tom DeLay and the other members of the Republican Majority PAC. I'm not a lawyer and do not have any history in law at all, but even as a lay person, it seems pretty obvious to me that there was no crime committed here. Tom DeLay is not even mentioned in the actual charges.

Corporations have been donating to political action committees for years. As long as the money is not used to aid the campaign of an individual candidate, the transaction is legal. The indictment does not show how the donation of $190,000 to the RNC (Republican National Committee) was directly from corporations, only that it came from the same bank account. So how is there a case?

The indictment is based solely on the assumption that the court will call the indirect contribution of the money by a corporation in that time period of 60 days before the election (if in fact that money was from a corporation) a crime. A pretty wild stretch if you ask me.

See the Texas Ethics Law here. Specifically read Chapter 253.

Don't tell me it's a coincidence that these charges are brought up right as campaigns are starting to build in preparation for the coming elections.

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