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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

ACLU Fighting "Intellegent Design"

Who would know less about intellegence than the ACLU? Now they are up in arms about a statement that simply says that some things which evolution cannot explain "are too complex to have developed through an undirected process and are best attributed to an unnamed and unseen intelligent agent."

Does it say God? No.
Allah? No.

They are simply saying that science may not have the answers to everything.

''This case is about free inquiry in education, not a religious agenda,'' said Patrick Gillen, in the defense's opening remarks.
Of course, the ACLU is going to use its misinterpretation of the establishment clause to fight away 'creationism'. What is evolution, if not a religion itself? Ever since man came to be, he (Now I'm a sexist) has asked the question of where he came from. This is what religion is. If the question has to be asked, and since there is no absolute proof, faith must prevail, therefore religion.

No matter how hard the ACLU wants a society completely made up of atheists, someone out there is going to ask if Darwin really had it right. It going to be too tough for some to believe that there is no hope for their soul after death and they will search for the truth. Try as they may, the ACLU will not win the day.

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