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Friday, August 26, 2005

Wonder Why They Call Them 'Cheeseheads'?

Ah, Wisconsin. Home to agriculture, cheese, and illegal immigrants. The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) is making it possible for illegal aliens to get mortgages. Why steal a home, when you can buy one, right?

They are making the old requirement of having a social security number obsolete by allowing applicants to use their individual taxpayer identification numbers (I-TINS) instead. The I-TINS are assigned by the IRS to illegal immigrants to allow them to pay federal income tax. How many of these are assigned (tons), and how many pay (nobody)?

Want to take a guess as to who supported this? Would you be surprised if it was Democratic state Rep. Pedro Colon?

"It's money earned, taxes paid, families need a home. It's that simple."
It's illegal, it's illegal, it's illegal. It's that simple. Let's see what WHEDA has to say about helping illegal aliens:

"We are not the immigration police. In fact, the IRS won't even allow us to inquire about the status of people who have I-TIN numbers," said WHEDA Executive Director Antonio Riley.
Just imagine the voice of Schultz from Hogan's Heroes while reading that. "I know nothing!"

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