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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Our Border (aka. Leaky Sieve)

It seems some states are coming to the realization that illegal aliens are crossing the border. Wow, we the 'NeoCons' have been saying this for how long now? YEARS! Nice to see the government is keeping up.

So now that it is a 'emergency' are we going to get the funding that congress previously denied for more boder agents? Probably not. How about the minute men? Can't have them, they are 'racists'.

What is the motivation for crossing the border? You get your very own ranch. What kind of screwed up reality is this when someone who is in this country illegally can use our court system against us? This really crosses the line of sanity. I hope someone appeals to the supreme court, gets these illegals deported, gets the ranch back to Casey Nethercott, and gets Dumbass Dees sent to jail for aiding criminals.

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