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Friday, August 05, 2005

NCAA Goes Liberal

I'm not much of a sports fan, myself. I can't keep track of players stats and I don't have a 'team', but when something of this caliber of stupid comes out I must respond. The NCAA doesn't want to offend anyone anymore. Excuse me, but if some team wanted to use a label of my heritage for their mascot, I'd be proud. The Irish part of me says 'good on you Norte Dame for showing Irish pride and strength'. Florida shows pride and recognition for it's Seminole heritage by naming their team as such.
North Carolina-Pembroke, which uses the nickname Braves, will not face
sanctions. NCAA president Myles Brand explained said the school's student body
has historically admitted a high percentage of American Indians and more than
20% of the students are American Indians.
Ok, so using that logic I can make up a team called the 'Honkeys' if the population is over 20% white? How about the UCLA 'Negroes'? They have more than a 20% black population. Do we have to have a 'Rebel' population in Las Vegas to keep our team's name? It's very sad to see this politically correct nonsense moving into the world of entertainment.

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