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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I Know, I Know... It's Tuesday.

I was busy, okay. So get off my back.

I'm going to have to get serious for a moment because I heard something on the radio this morning that has to be shared. The local AM station I listen to (KDWN AM 720) has a morning personality named Hart Kirch. Hart is a self described 'self-thinking contrairien', which is simply defined as 'lefty moonbat'. I listen only out of morbid curiosity and to fuel arguements with the liberal crazies.

This morning, Hart said something I cannot believe he would say, even for a liberal. When talking about President Bush's meeting today with veterans, he stated, "Why won't he talk to real Americans?". What?! 'Real American' now means someone who hasn't served their country?

I get his meaning but I think Mr. Kirch needs to realize what the military is. I was very lucky to be able to serve with a diverse crew of men and women on board the USS George Washington CVN-73. When you spend 6 months on deployment, you get to see a good sampling of the 5000 member crew and even get to know them personally. One thing you will never know, though, is their political affiliation.

Political parties mean very little to the military. You support your president, regardless of what you think of him or his policies. Perhaps it is true that veterans and military are primarily conservative, but now you have to ask why that is.

I have seen what life is like in Turkey, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Italy, and Spain. I have seen cultures that require women to cover their faces, arms, and legs. I have seen people so poor they lie, cheat, and steal just to live. I have seen places where police brutality is an everyday reality that is not just tolerated, but expected. I know the meaning of freedom. How precious it is. Why it must be defended. And how valuable a gift it is to the people of Iraq. I am a 'real American' and for that reason, I am conservative.

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