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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Evil Glenn's Summer Camp

(A filthy lie)

School is about to start and my kids are finally ready to be picked up from summer camp. The bus seems to be taking it’s time, as it is half an hour late. Finally it arrives and families anxiously await their young ones to run to them with open arms.

What’s this? The bus seems to be empty, short of one person. The doors open and down steps comes… No, it couldn’t be… Sure enough, there he is in all his evil glory: Glenn Reynolds.

“Evil Glenn! Where are my kids?!”, I demand.

“Your kids? No, they are mine now. I have them in my secret lair scanning the blogosphere for me. I keep them working late into the nights, force feeding them puppy shakes to give them energy. All links will be mine! I will be on top again! Muahahaha!”

“You won’t get away with this!”

“Too late, I already have. I’m teaching them to kill hobos and brainwashing them into enjoying the fine nuances of penguin porn. Your son, in particular, is quite eager to learn the robot.”



There it is, people. Glenn Reynolds wants your children to help him in his evil plot to usurp Michelle Malkin. Lock your doors and windows and keep your kids off of the internet.

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