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Friday, August 19, 2005

Evil Glenn Writes His Autobiography

(A Filthy Lie)

You know him from his witty commentary on Instapundit. Now Glenn Reynolds has readers enthralled with the release of his new autobiography ‘Making my Empire’. This 3000 page best-seller chronicles Glenn’s exciting journey to become the king of the blog-dodecahedron.

Chapters include ‘Glenn’s First Computer’:

“When I first laid eyes on that Commodore 64, I knew my destiny lay within those integrated circuits. Pong, you will be mine!”

‘Glenn Gets a Modem’:

“That whine, that hiss! I have found true love! Chat room, you will be mine!”

‘Glenn Discovers the Internet’:

“I have found my Mecca and it is the ‘Net. All of this information, mine to do with as I please. Blogosphere, you will be mine! Indeed!”

And we even hear about ‘Glenn’s Puppy Love’:

“At first I tried Doberman but it was too chunky. Eventually experimentation lead to blending 13 different breeds together to get the right mixture. Delicious and nutritious. Muahahaha.”

Glenn Reynolds’ ‘Making my Empire’. Coming to a cult bookstore near you. Preorder by August 30th to receive a free black candle.


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