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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Can You Believe This?

MSNBC interviews Cathy Gallagher about her new line of greeting cards. They are titled the "Secret Lover Collection"

I hope to God every guy who sends one of these gets caught. Gallagher says she is not "an advocate for this lifestyle" but is simply "a businesswoman". Using this logic, the owner of the whorehouse is not doing anything wrong because she's not having sex with clients. How about the drug dealer that doesn't use? Isn't he just a 'businessman'?

How about making money doing something that is morally right instead of supporting cheaters that are ruining their lives, not to mention the lives of their spouses. Gallagher is condoning lying to the person you swore oaths to on your wedding day. My bet; she's a liberal. Lying is a moonbat's middle name.

Hat Tip to Sister Toldjah.

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