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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Back to the Business at Hand

Well I took a few days off and will be again next week as I go on vacation. I'll try to get a post or two out but no guarantees.

Let's see what we have in the headlines:

1. The AP has a short article about how close these terrorist are to home. Too many people are getting comfortable thinking that the TSA and Patriot Act are keeping the terrorists out. News flash: they are in your hometown. Timothy McVay wasn't arabic, but he did quite a number on Oklahoma City! Let's not forget about these things. I sure appreciate the job that TSA is doing but there are gaps in our border that need filling and the idiots in Washington don't want to fork over the dough to fix it!

2. Hey, go figure! Bush says we are staying in Iraq. Backing out now would prove to the American public that Bush was wrong to go there in the first place. Can't do that and keep people voting Republican. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we went. Saddam Hussein is a murderer and deserves to die a terrible death, but staying in is not the answer. There is no end in sight with Pres. Bush's plan. We need to make a decisive strike at the heart of the islamo-fascist organizations. We need an act that will bring respect for the power of this country and fear of retribution. Maybe FrankJ is right and we should nuke the moon.

On a lighter note, the lineup for Vegoose (Oct 28 - 31) was announced. It sounds like an okay show though I most likely won't attend because:
"It's definitely not geared toward the under-21 crowd," he said. "This is for aging hipsters, people in their 20s and 30s."
Aging Hipster? Wow, maybe I should go out and shop for a cane and some orthopedic shoes. Could you be more condescending please? Other reasons for not going are the price ($142.50 for two days) and the fact that Dave Matthews will be there and I don't want to have sewage dumped on me. Maybe I'll have to move out of the city for awhile as they are figuring almost 100,000 people in the city getting drunk and dropping their cash on blackjack.

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