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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Thus begins a new era in blogging. Welcome to "Shoot a Liberal". I am your host SeanS. Why shoot a liberal? Why not? They want terrorists to shoot you; not to mention blow you up or kidnap you and cut your throat. Why else would they be against racial profiling? It's the only thing that will save us from total destruction.

Simply stated, liberal ideals such as civil rights don't have a place in today's society. We are facing an enemy of epic proportions. These savages have no qualms about killing innocent women and children. So why do leftist wackos try and explain it away? Good question.

Some say we are attacked because of our 'foreign policy' or because we went to war in Iraq. NO! Wake up! This is because of freedom. We have the choice to live our lives anyway we please. Our culture is one of choice and they oppose that. That is why we are 'infidels'. These islamo-facists will not be happy until our women are fully covered and we pray five times a day to Mecca.

If you value your freedom, stop trying to make excuses for these freaks and face the enemy like true patriots. Liberalism will be our downfall. We need to start racial profiling, or as I like to call it 'locating the enemy within'. We need stronger borders to keep the enemy out. We need to be watching the Muslim community since they won't bring forth the terrorists in their ranks. We need to wake up! Don't allow yourself to be silenced. Liberals scream about their right to free speech but we fail to use ours! Now is the time.

God bless.

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