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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lock and Load

Okay, time to live up to the title of this blog. First to be shot is... Paul Krassner from Huffpo. He writes an interesting-but-stupid piece on John Roberts' wife being "anti-abortion". Let's forget a moment about the fact that he brings this up in three paragraphs and follows up with a personal gripe about the time he was harassed by the cops for DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL, and lets look at the facts. Did John Roberts argue against Roe vs. Wade when he was Deputy Solicitor General under George Bush Sr.? Yes. Why? Because it was his JOB! Does any lawyer come out after a case they lost and say, "Well, I guess I was wrong. He was guilty." No, because then they would never again get a case.

Down to the nitty gritty now.

The prospect of this medical procedure actually becoming illegal again dismays me, particularly because of what I learned during my experience as an underground (read 'illegal') abortion referral service all through the ’60s.

What did he learn as a criminal?

She advised women to keep away from me because I had “strange Greenwich Village friends,” and told a graduate student working on a thesis about abortion that to interview me would compromise the Columbia School of Journalism.

Or maybe because she didn't want you getting more babies killed. Did you think of that?

She justified her work: “This is the law. We have to follow it. Abortion is an illegal act, and we have to punish people who commit it.”

Go figure, a cop doing her job. But since it interferes with your liberal feminazi agenda, it's something that 'requires justification'.

Be forewarned, stupidity abounds. I am well trained to handle this but there are others who allow it to take hold of them and they become left-wing moonbats. Don't let them take control of you too.

God bless

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